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Refining A Pest Control Service’s Digital Presence

For over 90 years, JP Pest Services has provided local pest-control solutions for customers all across New England. But unsatisfied with their original marketing service, JP Pest wanted to engage with a local design and marketing agency that provided expert results and a more intimate, “sit down and talk” kind of feeling - and that's why they tapped Altos to help improve the user experience and conversion possibilities of their website.

JP Pest Services Blog

Spreading the News of JP Pest’s Success

In an effort to improve user engagement and boost search ranking, we worked to help give JP Pest Services better hands-on control of their brand image through regular interaction with their audience.

  • Created smart, high-quality content on the JP Pest Services native blog tied to a robust content strategy and email campaigns.
  • Implemented a smart, content- and website-traffic oriented social media activity across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Utilized a targeted PPC strategy to boost local and industry-specific search rankings in organic and paid search.
JP Pest Services Stats

Maximizing Lead Generation

JP Pest was looking to jumpstart their campaign to more easily transform leads into customers, and to help bolster everything from user interactions (form submissions, inquiries, purchases, etc.) to maximized conversion rate and lead generation.

  • Utilized custom-built forms, optimizing the user experience, and making more relevant info more easily available on the site for smoother conversions.
  • Optimized existing forms and content structure using heatmaps and user data to drive more traffic to conversion while increasing time on site.
JP Pest Services Lead Gen
JP Pest Services Results

A Better Way Of Bringing In Business

Despite its many abilities, JP Pest didn’t feel Hubspot was an ideal fit, and that they had too little control over their distinct brand image. That, paired with a high price point, unsatisfying conversion numbers, and an overall lack of conversion tracking, analytics, and integration, led JP Pest to seek out alternatives to HubSpot - namely, Altos.

  • Created a custom-built inbound sales and marketing platform through Joomla to give JP Pest Services a more ideal fit for their specific needs.
  • Utilized analytics, automation, and tools like Mailchimp to craft a successful inbound marketing strategy with a focus on brand consistency.
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