Website Development

A great website is more than just a storage space; it’s a digital experience. We build, optimize, and develop custom web projects that make each visit, each purchase, and each online interaction so exciting visitors might just think they’ve reached the future.

Digital Marketing

As with any relationship, brands needs to make communication a two-way street: the more fans put in, the more they expect to get out. We make sure our partners stay visible, keep regular communication, and the fans keep wearing that giant foam finger.

Brand Transformation

A brand is never static. Like all elements of a business, a brand is constantly evolving into something better. Our creatives specialize in helping elevate and transform brands with a trusted process to give your business (and your vision) a clear path to what's next. We call it creative clarity.

Strategy & Direction

Once your project has been launched, or printed, or sent, we get some much-needed beauty sleep on our laurels. Nope. We have post-launch meetings to discuss project success internally, evaluate the results of your project and focus on optimization and the next steps for your brand.

Our Process

Our Process

1) Discovery

What’s the biggest pain point for your business? What neglectful agency can we trace this back to? How does it make you feel? Our Discovery Meeting is where we get up close and personal with your objectives. We’ll invite you to our office, or you can host if that’s your thing, and we’ll share a lot of coffee and even more ideas. When the meeting ends, we’ll leave with the help we needed from you, and you’ll leave with newfound hope in the wild wild web.

2) Kick Off

When the research is in, we strategize. We’ll decide which members of the Altos team will work best with you, based on capabilities and particular interest in your project (we like to like what we do), and create a personalized team to drive it home. Our designers, developers, and marketing services teams will then hit the whiteboard wall for a Kick Off Meeting and draft up the creative direction and execution plan for your project.

3) The Concept

Whatever your project entails, we’ll start with The Concept. This is where our creatives take the marketing objectives our team has devised and breathe some life into them. When everybody is on board internally, we’ll meet with you for a good ol’ fashioned show and tell. Tell us what you love and what you, well… don’t, and we’ll work towards a final concept for your project. Whenever your thumbs go up, we’re heads down.

4) Implement & Test

Over the course of your project trajectory, we’ll be building, testing, and perfecting based on the input you give us along the way. Think marathon; we’re the runners, you’re holding the vibrant yet tastefully understated sign and cheering us on. Yell out to us if the course changes, or if any obstacles are in the way, and we’ll get through this thing together. Oh, and don’t worry, we’re trying to qualify for Boston.

5) The Future

We never wish that we had more hours in the day, because we couldn’t care less about today. Our focus is always on tomorrow. Longevity is something that all of our clients get from the initiatives and websites that we create. Life comes at you fast and the digital world comes at you like Usain Bolt. Let’s keep this thing running in the right direction.

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