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Putting Revolutionary Scheduling Software Right In Nurses’ Hands

By combining powerful scheduling technology with a refreshed and inviting brand, IntelyCare has its sights set on nothing short of revolutionizing the way nurses and nursing facilities fill shifts. They partnered with our team at Altos to re-invigorate their brand, along with an all-new website experience, to make connecting nurses and healthcare facilities easier, faster, and more efficient than ever.

Intelycare website
Intelycare website

Consulting Through the Positioning Process

When the IntelyCare team approached us with their goal of transforming their branding to better reach their audience, we stepped in to take a leading role in the positioning process. Acting as a consultant between the IntelyCare staff, their agency partners, and other key players, we directed the creation of brand positioning through mood boards, visual design, and audience targeting to ensure the new IntelyCare could speak to the right users, all at the right time.

IntelyCare - Mood boards

Branding Transformation

IntelyCare brings a passion for supporting their base of “Healthcare Heroes” through the challenges of modern nursing, and so we knew the new branding had to reflect that heroic stature.

From developing a new logo for the brand based on classic superhero symbolism, straight through to bold & inviting color selection, an approachable font, and refreshed brand visuals alongside their expert illustrator, we helped IntelyCare settle on the perfect visual identity to match their revolutionary scheduling technology.

IntelyCare - Logo Transformation
IntelyCare - Logo meanings
IntelyCare - Color swatches
IntelyCare - Font
IntelyCare - Illustration

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IntelyCare - Nurse with cape

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Collateral To Show Off The Best of IntelyCare

While the IntelyCare system may live almost entirely digitally, the company—and the mission behind the brand—extends well into the real world. That’s why they asked us to help craft a full suite of collateral to support their booming business, including everything from in-house apparel to merchandise that both team members and nurses are more than happy to show off.

IntelyCare - BrandingIntelyCare - One-pagers

intelycare merchandise

An All-New Website To Draw In Busy Nurses

This robust new scheduling technology can’t just exist in the ether. We crafted IntelyCare a brand new website, chock full of all that inviting new branding and built on powerful integrations with their scheduling software. Built on a mobile-first mindset, the site represents an information-packed entry point and central hub for all new users, returning nurses, facilities, and related professionals looking to engage with the IntelyCare brand—all, of course, optimized for search engine visibility and digital advertising with a carefully-crafted UX and content strategy.

IntelyCare - Website

Advertising To Help Get The Good Word Out

The best scheduling system in the world doesn’t mean much if the word doesn’t reach the right audiences. That’s why we helped IntelyCare craft an intelligent digital advertising process for Search, Display, and social media ads. The result: a unified brand across all aspects of the digital experience, from the first ad impression through to click, lead, and application.

IntelyCare - Ads

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