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A New Hope In The Digital Space

For those New England individuals and families affected by epilepsy, one organization has always played an outsize role in making life just that much easier: Epilepsy Foundation New England. Long a leader in providing programs and resources for those most in need of support, Epilepsy Foundation New England recognized a need to update their online look, accessibility, and user experience for the modern user. Together, we crafted an all-new site designed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get connected to exactly the programs, resources, and content they’re looking for.

Epilepsy Foundation Devices

A Facelift Designed to Uplift & Inspire

A little bit of positive design can go a long way. More often than not, those visiting the Epilepsy Foundation New England website are looking for support from a trusted source of knowledge. That’s why we carefully designed all aspects of the new site - from the messaging and imagery right down to the color scheme and layout - to exude confidence, support, and an uplifting message to offer equal parts comfort and authority for those seeking reliable assistance.

Epilepsy Foundation Drop Menu
Epilepsy Foundation Brand Elements
Epilepsy Foundation Menu

Branding & Building An Optimized Path Toward Donation

Because of the nature of the organization’s structure, we knew that Epilepsy Foundation New England needed special attention paid to user experience for its Donation Center. By crafting a unique branding position for the Donation Center and building a distinct section of the site to contain Donation information with a smooth user flow, we made it easy for those looking to show support to connect, give back, and see just how much their donations are doing to support those who need it most.

Epilepsy Foundation Donation Center
Epilepsy Foundation Hubspot Integration

Integrating All Those Necessary Tools

Even decades after it first appeared, email marketing remains a key outreach tool for nonprofits like Epilepsy Foundation New England. We built out the new site with Hubspot fully integrated for easy email collection and segmentation based on entry point, and connected that email to a strategy that will ensure all relevant email updates are hitting those users most likely to take action. The result: smoother, more user-friendly methods of collecting emails and sending out important information to those most in need of staying in the know.

Epilepsy Foundation Editorial

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