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An Iconic Digital Presence To Match A Hotel’s Wealth Of Experience

If you ask the locals in Houston where to stay in the city to get a true taste of the grand, authentic, opulent history that the city has to offer, there’s exactly one hotel you can be sure to hear a lot about: Hotel Icon. Originally built to house one of the nation’s premiere early banks, this downtown Houston staple brings all the grandeur and excitement needed to live up to its iconic name. They partnered with Altos to help bring Icon right in front of today’s modern travelers, and the resulting website we created is designed top to bottom to do just that.

Hotel Icon Devices

Working From A Solid Brand Foundation

With decades of success as one of Houston’s prime tourist targets firmly established, Hotel Icon brought a strongly-developed brand identity to the table prior to our work even starting.

  • Worked within existing brand guidelines (including color schemes, branded language, and Icon-specific visuals)
  • Re-shaped and re-worked the website for improved functionality and easier usability
  • Updated navigation structure to get the hotel’s most important offerings front and center
Hotel Icon Menu Open
Hotel Icon Hermes Detail

Making The Path To Reservations Easier Than Ever

Hotels today already struggle with competition from third-party travel sites and booking apps, and so we knew that keeping users engaged and on the site would take an engaging and intuitive user experience.

  • Integrated smooth-flowing animations between pages and links and on page scroll
  • Placed booking front-and-center throughout the site to keep users just a click away from making a reservation
  • Tightened up navigation structure to connect visitors with the right info as efficiently as possible
Hotel Icon Booking Widget
Hotel Icon Booking Widget

Celebrating Icon In Its Own Voice

In improving the user experience across the new site, we worked to tighten and clear up copy to keep all that gravitas without losing that classic Texas charm.

  • Worked with Icon’s existing brand guidelines to re-organize and rework site copy to maximize search potential and user engagement
  • Collaborated with the Hotel Icon team to preserve that same defined voice and style that has made Icon stand out for decades
Hotel Icon Content Generation
Hotel Icon Penthouse

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