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Easing the Journey for COAST Riders, One Stop At A Time

Thousands of busy Seacoast commuters rely on COASTbus to get where they’re going on a daily basis. Many riders navigating bus routes started by navigating the COAST website, so COAST partnered with Altos to make the online journey as easy as hopping on board.

COAST Bus Devices

Simpler Than Reading A Map

Busy bus riders don’t have time to scroll, dig, and explore online - and especially not on mobile. We shortened the journey to the most-used content, while improving navigation deeper into the site.

  • Placed Trip Planner, Schedules, and Alerts above the fold on the homepage, making it easier for riders to envision their journey before hopping on board.
  • Easier to read Route schedules with accordion-style layouts separate Timed Stops from all stops for simple mobile browsing.
COAST Bus Phones
COAST Bus Trip Planner

Show Me Where You’re Headed

Riders who can actually see their journey before hopping on board can better adjust for changing stop times, holiday closures, and other alerts. With an interactive Map, the new site makes planning trips a lot easier.

  • COAST integrates GTFS files with Google Maps to display an interactive Trip Planner, which accurately responds to changing departure times and stopping points to display the most accurate route layout for riders.
  • Integrated COAST’s existing data regarding stop locations, stop times, and nearest northbound-Southbound to help riders know where they need to get off to reach local points of interest along the way.
COAST Bus On The Route
COAST Bus Schedule

All-Access for All Riders

Because COAST is partially funded from public dollars, the new site needs to be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Everything from font and color contrast to menu structure taken into account during design process
  • Features like link jumping and proper labeling throughout make keyboard navigation and use with screen readers simple and consistent throughout, for all users.
COAST Bus Service Updates
COAST Bus Store

An Easier Way To Buy

Frequent riders can save on fares by buying in bulk, and the new COAST site is the perfect place to make that happen. We added a simple online store to help users find and buy exactly what they need.

  • eCommerce integration through online store, where registered users can browse, select, and purchase everything from multi-ride tickets to COAST swag.
  • Users able to register accounts for current and future purchases directly through the new site.
COAST Bus Buses

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