Granite State Grave Markers
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The Engravement: Create A Custom Shopping Experience Where the User Builds the Product

Granite State Grave Markers is major player in the gravestone market in the northeast, and with several years of business behind them and a website in need up an upgrade, they tapped Altos for an upgrade. We integrated Granite State into Drupal, utilizing a custom eCommerce design to improve user design and boost conversions by providing a better and easier ordering system for customers. We also utilized custom development to easily integrate shipping options and a mobile-responsive storefront, allowing for easy ordering and a better user experience for each and every customer.

grave markers 1

Improving Shopping Experience With A Custom Product Builder

Utilizing a custom Drupal eCommerce solution, we upgraded Granite State’s ordering system to an easy-to-use, custom memorial designer. Customers can upload their own images and drag and drop them into a standard grave marker design, allowing for an easy way to submit a highly customized design for laser etching and delivery. A custom shopping cart with integration of FedEx for easy home labelling and shipping means customers can get exactly what they want - even a highly specific design - without having to leave the house.

grave markers 2

An Easy 4 Step Process That Works on Mobile

Creating a custom storefront and shopping cart makes ordering a custom-designed memorial that much easier, but making that process responsive for mobile devices opens up ease of access to an even greater degree. Customers can design custom markers just as they would on a desktop, but using a simple four-step mobile process that makes navigation on the small screen easier than ever.

grave markers 3

A New, Customized Drupal Storefront

Integrating an established business from an older CMS into Drupal is always a project, but the customizable features found on Drupal make the effort worthwhile. By bringing Granite State Grave Markers into Drupal, we made the development process easier and allowed for us to build the custom storefront currently in use - all to meet Granite State’s specific needs. Before, submitting a custom design for a memorial would’ve taken an artist to plan - but with this custom Drupal eCommerce template, any customer can submit their design with a single, easy entry.

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