If you didn’t know, this week is #AWXII (the signature hashtag and abbreviation for The 12th Annual Advertising Week). This annual confab of industry leaders and ad professionals in New York City isn’t as large as the better-known SXSW or CEDIA, but it is a very important -- and often underreported -- conference.

On day one Google decided to open things with a pretty sizeable new product announcement. Safe to say, marketers and businesses were all ears. The search engine behemoth tends to keep announcements like this close to their chest, so when they show their hand it deserves special attention.

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So how goes your blogging adventure? Have you found your voice? We forgot to mention last week, get to the point in your blogging. Your readers probably have a checklist of others things they could be doing with their time and will appreciate your directness. So without further adieu, we continue our journey...

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." – Lao Tzu (and anyone that has ever managed a blog.)

As with exercise, learning a language, getting into yoga or anything else that us humans tend to promise to tomorrow, starting a blogging routine is one of the hardest parts of blogging itself. Mr. Tzu was onto something, but he forgot to mention just one thing; walking a thousand miles isn’t for the unprepared or faint of heart. The same goes for managing a blog.

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To say we are "big fans" of data here at Altos is an understatement. We collect a lot of it and use it on a daily basis. Recently, while working on a project for a client we noticed something interesting. So, we did a little digging in our analytics accounts (we have over 200 to look at) and found an interesting trend. What is more interesting than discovering a potentially disturbing trend? When Google confirms those findings.

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