Webflow for Agencies

For The Love of Webflow: How Transitioning to The Web Platform Unlocked New Possibilities for Web Design & Development


As a Development Director at a busy creative agency, I can tell you we've spent years wrestling with outdated CMSs and the endless cycle of security patches for our web hosting clients.  

Fellow development professionals at other agencies or web dev shops will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say deprecated platforms kept us from doing what we do best: creating and optimizing custom, impactful web solutions.  

We needed an alternative platform to solve the issue of time-consuming legacy systems. Enter Webflow: a new contender in the web design & development space allowing for flexible CMS, secure hosting, and the ability to build custom, responsive websites with ease.

Transitioning to Webflow's secure, managed cloud hosting environment was a strategic decision for the benefit of our clients and our own processes. It’s been a shift that has paid dividends in numerous ways—through enhanced security, improved efficiency, and stronger client relationships.

Navigating the Challenges of Legacy Systems

First, a little bit of background about us. At Altos, we had a generation of legacy sites that are built on Joomla 3.x, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. On these old CMS platforms, the relentless need for security patches was becoming a drain on our team’s resources, and only increasing in inconvenience as time went on.  

The biggest issue: we had begun to feel that we were in a constant state of reacting to problems, rather than innovating and optimizing these web presences. Our clients relied on us for stability and security, but their outdated systems were challenging—and resource-intensive to maintain.

Running websites on deprecated platforms means constantly playing catch-up with security vulnerabilities. Each patch was a temporary fix—not a solution. The process was time-consuming, inefficient—and to be candid, quite stressful. My team's resources were stretched thin as we juggled patch management and development simultaneously.

Our Shift to Webflow’s Managed Hosting

Deciding to move to Webflow was driven by the desire to offer our clients more—specifically, a more robust and more secure hosting solution. Webflow’s promise of managed cloud hosting (complete with automatic updates and SSL management) meant we could finally step away from the constant security firefighting and devote resources to what we do best: building and innovating new solutions.  

Shifting to Webflow hosting, the benefits have been numerous and palpable. Regarding security specifically, the difference has been revolutionary. With Webflow managing security patches and SSL certificates automatically, our team can redirect our focus towards enhancing functionality and user experience—areas that truly benefit our clients and help us stand out in a competitive market.

Screenshot from Webflow showing a list of features

Webflow is not only a great alternative to legacy systems—but can also be the go-to solution to reduce technical debt on current CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla4, and Drupal 10/11 that still require Application Maintenance and updates to the core and plugins used.

In terms of our operational efficiency: we have more time to be proactive, focusing on creative solutions rather than diagnosing and resolving issues that result from security breaches or outdated tech. Leveraging Webflow means we stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest features and updates, keeping our clients' websites modern and dynamic.

A Bright Future with Webflow-Powered Potential

This shift has not just been about changing where our websites live; it has been about upgrading how we do business, ensuring we can offer the best for our clients and stay at the forefront of the web development industry.

“Webflow has unlocked a new realm of creativity and efficiency for our team”

Our Web Experience Manager, Matt Marquis, has been designing award-winning websites for over 13 years and he says, “Webflow has unlocked a new realm of creativity and efficiency for our team, allowing us to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Webflow has empowered our team to reimagine the possibilities of web design and development, enabling us to craft bespoke solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.”.

I feel confident in saying that our transformation powered by Webflow has set us apart in the digital landscape, positioning us as a forward-thinking agency ready to tackle the future of web development. Without the restrictions of outdated legacy systems, we’ve built some incredible new solutions and are eager to see what more we can do through Webflow-optimized processes.  

If your current website is built on a legacy system, and you’re feeling the effects of an outdated platform, let’s talk about new possibilities through Webflow.