Google’s long-heralded “mobilegeddon” has finally arrived, and Google is ready for businesses to get on board the mobile-first mindset - even if they have to force a few hands in the process. We’ve already talked at length about the huge and growing influence of mobile search on Google’s search rankings, as well as Google’s steps to make connecting with businesses through text messaging that much simpler.

The push to encourage easier mobile connections between consumers and businesses is hardly a surprise - especially with Millennial mobile phone ownership rates somewhere around 97-percent. That’s why it’s no surprise that Google will soon be automatically enrolling all existing mobile AdWords Ads with call extensions for businesses.

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Our developers are amazing - especially when we really flex our muscle. For example: we recently built a new, custom Drupal site and storefront for Granite State Grave Markers, who have provided custom-engraved grave markers to customers across the country for decades by offering shoppers the chance to design their own unique stone using a simple online interface. But needing an upgrade to both their marketing site and their online ordering platform, they called on Altos to take on a custom design.

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For all its surprises, positives, and negatives, 2016 is a year we definitely won’t be forgetting any time soon.

We watched as athletes set new records in the summer Olympics; we lived through one of the most polarizing elections in recent history; and we lost beloved figures in music, film, and television. But 2016 has also been a year of growth, of evolution, and of change - and here at Altos, it’s been an exciting ride from the very beginning.

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Google is now officially testing its mobile-first index, rolling it out for small scale testing in preparation for a "change which will happen in the coming months" - and for a whole lot of us, it's well past time to get on the mobile-first bandwagon.

Google expects to roll out the full mobile index in a few months time, and to eventually replace the desktop index completely - if you’re not already focusing your efforts on a mobile-first strategy, the next few months could be critical. Bottom line: if you have a mobile version of your site separate from your desktop version, this change will likely affect your rankings - and unless you adapt to the mobile index shift, it probably won’t do your site many favors.

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