December 19, 2016 | SEO

AdWords Message Extensions: Connect To Customers With Text

It’s no secret millennials prefer texting to making phone calls. Why is this important? Millennials are starting to get older and richer, this group is predicted to spend $200 billion in 2017. Well, now AdWords is catching on and has created the AdWords click-to-text extension, a feature that shows under your text-ad similar to a call extension. With this new feature, users can send a text directly to your business, meaning faster connections with customers on a platform that they can truly be comfortable in.

Google’s new Click-To-Message Ads will allow customers to text your business directly.

According to Google, “more than three-quarters of smartphone shoppers who usually go to the same physical stores when they shop for products are very open to new retailers and brands online.” That’s a substantial majority of your customers who’d be willing to reach out and communicate via text - and by making it easier for them to connect, you can dramatically increase engagement.

Users will automatically be brought to their texting app once they’ve tapped on the texting option, along with a pre-written message that they can send for general inquiries, reservation requests, and much more. Businesses can also extend their click-to-text extension easily across ad groups and campaigns for easy application to all your ads.

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(Screenshot of AdWords Messaging Extension by Google)

Getting Your Business On Board

Joining this extension to your AdWords ads will be free for all users, according to Google. This means any business can use this tool to grow and improve click-through rate without having to pay extra for access.

Several businesses have already put the extension through beta testing and have found the click-to-text feature has helped them connect with customers faster and increase mobile conversion rate along the way.

There are a few bits of advice for best practices when it comes to click-to-text connections; for instance, it’s best to remember to create specific pre-written messages to meet different customer needs, including changing your reply based on geographic area. If someone is trying to reach you from the West Coast, for example, you may not want their message being forwarded to your team in Boston.

Built For Easy Implementation

Making Message Extensions work for your business is a quick and simple procedure, managed through your AdWords account with the ability to connect to whichever phone number you’d like. From there, businesses can create custom texts that will go in their click-to-message ad, as well as the message text that automatically shows in people’s messaging apps when they tap to send you a message (for instance, “I’d like to know more. Please text me back.”)

Users can also schedule the extension to accommodate a schedule, meaning you can actually get some sleep at night knowing you won’t be receiving texts from customers until business hours begin.

It’s Time To Get On Board

Reaching local shoppers directly has become a critical tool for businesses just about everywhere, and mobile search remains a distinct tool for shoppers to go directly from search to store. According to Google, 64 percent of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile search for ideas about what to buy before heading into the store, while 76 percent of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28 percent of those searches result in a purchase. Miss these shoppers and you miss out on an easy pipeline for conversions.

Currently, Google does not automatically track conversions made through texts through the Extension, and so it’s best for businesses to merge their offline conversations into AdWords in order to integrate these conversions into their analytics.

Creating a custom click-to-text campaign can be a highly effective tool for any business, especially those appealing to a local customer base. The time for slow responses and inaccessible customer service has long come and gone, and today’s shoppers look for immediate responses and seamless online-to-in-person transactions from a mobile platform.

We can help you integrate a click-to-text messaging campaign for your business, utilizing your specific brand to help facilitate connections between you and your local audience. Let’s get everybody on the mobile-first train - it’s already moving down the tracks anyway.

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