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Altos Represent: Making Our Mark on Manchester

Our city is more than just the place we hang our proverbial hats. Manchester is part of who we are - it has shaped our business, provided our talent, and invited us to be part of the community for fifteen years. That means a lot to us, and we’re always looking for ways to give back.

Making Our Mark on Manchester

How exactly we do that giving, however, is one of our big challenges here at Altos. It’s also one of our biggest strengths, and can be downright fun for our team and for the community members we reach.

Whether it’s leading the charge in the world of ideas or doing our part on the ground for the people, we take pride in looking at The Bigger Picture.

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Sarah Takes A Leading Role In The Queen City

Making our mark on the neighborhood has always meant being behind our favorite organizations with plenty of support, as well as leading the charge into the next great thing.

That’s why we were so thrilled this June when we heard that our own Sarah Szopa, Account Manager and “Beer Liaison” to the Altos team, had earned a spot on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce “Leadership Greater Manchester” class of 2019!

Sarah will be part of a team of leading professionals from a range of business, government, education, not-for-profit, arts and religious and community groups from all across Manchester, all working toward the combined goal of identifying and cultivating leadership talent from diverse sections of the Queen City.

In order to earn her spot, Sarah had to prove her “strong commitment to the greater Manchester community, have achieved high levels of leadership in her respective spheres of influence, and [be] capable of assuming greater responsibility in the future.”

With her work here at Altos, as well as her commitments across the local community, Sarah has done just that.

Aside from being a key point of contact between our talent here in the office - our marketers, designers, and developers - and a wide range of local clients, Sarah also volunteers, is on the the Tech Power Women Breakfast committee, and engages with the Manchester Young Professionals Network.

We think Sarah deserves all of the humble brags we can give her for exemplifying just one more way our team is willing to step up to the plate and show this city what we're made of.

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Broadening Our Perspective With New Horizons

While we may always be pushing new boundaries, our Altos team is also all about traditions - from our monthly Beer Friday, to Fuel Up Friday lunches, to our holiday potluck party at the end of the year.

But while these are plenty of fun, one tradition stands out as our most important commitment to expanding our perspective and helping our community - volunteering with New Horizons for New Hampshire.

Longtime friend and occasional business partner New Horizons is, perhaps, one of the most impressive food pantry and shelter operations we’ve ever seen.

Seriously - they serve more than 200 meals a day for those who come to their doors, and have provided over 73,000 meals to those in need in Manchester since opening in 1973.

Altos started volunteering at the New Horizons Soup Kitchen in March of 2013, and we continue to do so to this day. We 'own' the 4th Friday of each month, meaning we supply 10-12 volunteers to register clients, plate dinner trays, serve clients and clean-up. Our rough calculations suggest that collectively we volunteer approximately 180 hours per year (make that 900 hours over the past 5 years).

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Helping Out, and Branching Out

Whether we’re filling plates behind the food service line, running trays out to visitors, or facilitating guest sign-ins, helping with New Horizons is one of the most rewarding - and important - things we do each and every month. But it’s certainly not the only thing we do to give back.

Giving It All, Online and In Person

At the end of the day, we’re all about progress: for our clients, for ourselves, and for our neighborhood. Whether we’re creating new and exciting things online or doing the hard work for the city we call home, nothing feels as rewarding as putting in the effort and seeing the positive results.

From Manchester to the Mass. border, and from the seacoast to the summit of Mt. Monroe, the Granite State is our home and our cradle of creativity. Our goal is to keep it that way, and we’re so excited to be here for years to come.

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