January 19, 2018 | All About Altos

Altos is a Lot Like the New England Patriots (Hear Me Out)

When you’ve got a long commute home (like me, around an hour each way), you get to thinking about the important things in life - including football.

By Tony Matos

It’s a good time to be a football fan in New England - not the least because the Patriots continue, game after game, to show that skill, discipline, and a little bit of craziness can go a long way on the field and earn a lot of respect (and plenty of haters) off the field. As a Granite Stater, I and my team at Altos have reveled in watching them blast past opponent after opponent on their way to another Super Bowl victory - because ring number six is coming, baby, and it’s going to be a good one.

Truth be told, I see a lot of my team at Altos in our hometown football team. We’re confident (some might say almost to the point of arrogance), and we tend think of that as nothing short of a good thing. We’re not afraid to strut our stuff because we back it up with consistency - and we win. In the course of my drives through the snow, I’ve even come to see in each member of our team a little piece of the Patriots. Shall I break it down?

Tony (me) = Robert Kraft

I’m more than happy to play the role of the boss; the head honcho; the just-crazy-enough-to-work leader who keeps this thing running. Who knows where Altos would be with someone else at the head of the pack (St. Louis?). When the team needs someone for the drive to keep going forward, that’s my cue - and I’m more than happy to keep them bracing for the next big idea.

Kathy = Bill Belichick

If there’s anyone who’s always on-the-field and leading from right in the middle of the action, it’s Kathy. She’s the one not only setting the goals for us to achieve, but then also laying out how we’ll achieve them - and making it happen, every step of the way. Winning games and taking names is all in her wheelhouse - sleeves not required.

Justin = Tom Brady

The MVP of the office and the lynchpin of our on-the-ground action, Justin is the Tom 12 that keeps the ball moving downfield. Apart from killing it play-by-play every day, Justin might just be the last-round-draft-pick turned Super-Bowl-powerhouse of the office - and, most likely to be seen on our next billboard.

Christina = Jonathan Kraft

Christina keeps the numbers in line through all of our crazy creativity, focusing the hectic action of each play and honing things down to keep all of our numbers firmly in the pocket. No idea is too big for us to take on - provided, of course, Christina has given it the trusted OK first.

Joe = OC Josh McDaniels

Our Offensive Coordinator and crazy-busy operator, Joe keeps our processes refined and improving month-to-month, week-to-week, and play-to-play. Bringing experience from a prior life to the team and the skills to keep the competition guessing, Joe is the coach that keeps the players running in a straight line.

Ethan = DC Matt Patricia

The star behind the scenes and the concrete that keeps the whole thing from falling when there’s a big blitz, Ethan is the Defensive Coordinator to our in-house tech operation. We can charge forward confidently knowing that when we’re on the defensive, Ethan will be there to keep everything in line.

Matt = Brandin Cooks

A killer on offense and a class-act off the field, Matt keeps on pushing down field play after play, seemingly without stopping. He and Justin have a knack for pumping each other up, and at the end of the day he knows the secret to success is to keep everything in line when it counts most.

Tom = Dion Lewis

Part cheerleader, part provocateur, Tom is the underappreciated X-Factor who keeps everything moving even when the conditions look tough. As creative with his designs as he is with his GIFs, Tom is key to keeping our offense moving, especially when it’s third and long and we need that one amazing play to bring things back on top.

Colin = Danny Amendola

The college-kid-turned-natural-pro who was asked to fill some pretty big shoes when he stepped in, Colin brings his special skills to everything we do here. Not often seen but often the center of discussion, Colin steps in when clients kick something heavy our way to run back and score with the right solution.

Andrew = Rob Gronkowski

No matter how much gets piled on top, or how much he has to carry through to touchdown, nothing can stop Andrew from charging toward the red zone full-force. He’s got skills nobody else can even touch, and when he goes full-on beast mode there’s just about nothing that can stop him.

Diane = Rex Burkhead

Agile, nimble, and crafty as all hell, Diane is the one we turn to when we need something done well, done fast, and done now. A star player who keeps things moving even in the face of setbacks, Diane is key in keeping our creative team on track. Plus, she keeps things put-together for press conferences unlike just about anybody else.

Shannon = Devin McCourty

Our defensive captain, a consistent starter, and a leading force for protecting our forward momentum, Shannon is the rallying cry keeping our clients and our team on the up-and-up, even when it looks like crisis might be coming - which, thanks to her, they almost never do.

Heather = Malcolm Butler

Also known for making great catches that bring everything together at the last minute, Heather is the one we trust to bring in the win even when the clock is counting down to the two-minute warning. As great at defense as she is at bringing the creativity, Heather is an all-star if we’ve ever seen one.

Sarah = Trey Flowers

A clinch part of the team and as bubbly as can be both on and off the field, Sarah is a leader when it comes to wrangling runaway ideas and honing them into a tight win, ready to keep things moving until the day is done. Although new to the team, she’s become a crucial part of getting to each win.

Stacy = Patrick Chung

A strong safety who we count on to keep everything in line and moving smoothly, Stacy is a powerhouse scheduler and time-conscious team member whose penchant for taking on big projects is nearly second to none. It’s pretty tough to get lost in the shuffle when Stacy’s got your back.

Conor = Bob Socci

With a word to say on just about everything that happens here, Conor offers the voice and running color-commentary to our work that keeps things legible for those looking in. Although he’s apt to get as wound up in the moment as the most passionate of players, he’s key to reacting to each play with that perfect spin that keeps fans coming back for more.


While we may not be headed to Minneapolis any time soon, Altos is just as tenacious, just as bold, and just as dedicated to success as the Pats. As we enter the start of the year with some of our biggest, most important work ahead, it’s easy to see the parallels between what we do and what Brady and the boys in blue do. We’ll be watching closely over the next few weeks to see how these last games play out - but I’m pretty sure we can all count on success, and I think Altos can too.

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