Okay, maybe not world domination - but with a smart email strategy and the ease of automation, you can craft a marketing journey that wins out over the competition without needing to lift a finger. But the whole thing is driven by one golden rule: getting your message in front of potential customers is easy; making them care is an entirely different story.

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By Tony Matos

When you’ve got a long commute home (like me, around an hour each way), you get to thinking about the important things in life - including football.

It’s a good time to be a football fan in New England - not the least because the Patriots continue, game after game, to show that skill, discipline, and a little bit of craziness can go a long way on the field and earn a lot of respect (and plenty of haters) off the field. As a Granite Stater, I and my team at Altos have reveled in watching them blast past opponent after opponent on their way to another Super Bowl victory - because ring number six is coming, baby, and it’s going to be a good one.

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These days, things change fast - and by the time you anticipate what’s coming next, the rules may already have changed. That’s why so many marketers are guilty of the industry’s main cardinal sin and that’s thinking only one step at a time.

Want to out-think your competitors? You need to out-plan them.

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Maybe it’s just the spirit of the Halloween season, but recent rumblings from Facebook have got Page admins feeling spooked.

In a recent test of the emerging “Explore” feed in the news feed, Facebook reportedly experimented with removing non-promoted posts from Pages out of the news feed entirely.

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