We’ve had quite a start to 2015 here at Altos; a new domain name, new faces, and a host of new clients. If you hadn’t noticed, we are distancing ourselves from the moniker of Altos Marketing in order to correctly represent our breadth and scope of work. This is a very conscious decision on our part as we have re-branded ourselves removing the qualifying term, marketing, from our business name. Altos is the name, and being a comprehensive digital agency is our game.

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If you aren’t familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and you own a website, there are some things you should know. The best way to have your site show up on Google (and other search engines) is by following Google’s best practices. The only surefire way to know if your efforts are successful is by using webmaster tools, period.

You can use Google Analytics to track all sorts of things on your site. Have you ever tried to click on the search engine optimization tab under acquisition only to see nothing? If your webmaster tools account and analytics account aren’t linked you simply won’t get that data that you need. If you are running AdWords and you aren’t linked up… well you get the idea.

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A lot of hay has been made over Facebook removing promoted post reach (you can read our spin on it here). People aren’t happy about it and are saying things like "Facebook hates marketers" and other grumblings said out of understandable frustration. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth; Facebook loves marketers. Facebook just loves its users more, and we don’t think they are going to deviate from that model anytime soon.

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Who is seeing your Facebook posts has been a major topic of discussion recently (see our previous blog post). Businesses on Facebook will have to combat an organic reach of only 3-9% as we enter the new year, which is exactly as low as it sounds. This is a sharp decline from just a year ago when businesses were getting to upwards of 50% of their fans. These lower figures are not coming from an authoritarian Facebook, in fact, they’re rooting from quite the opposite. Facebook’s users have spoken, and they have been heard. These users don’t want to scroll through a news feed full of promotional content, and now they don’t have to. So what is a business who has Facebook as the "hub" of it’s social media marketing strategy to do?

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