When you hear the term “Black Friday” what comes to mind? Probably the glut of disruptive traffic on the roads and in most stores, the onslaught of holiday advertisements, and the herds of insatiable shoppers clamoring to get the best deals the day after Thanksgiving.

After all, that is the true origin of the term according to Wikipedia.

But maybe you crave those "doorbuster" deals on products. If so, you aren’t alone. We are hardwired to be deal-seeking machines and that is what the day is really all about. We wait all year for these deals. As a smart business owner (or marketer) you know this just the same, and you should jump on these opportunities to cash in while the cashing is good.

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We have quoted Greek philosopher Heraclitus before, and will again: "The only thing that is constant is change." Facebook must have this quote plastered on their walls because they’re at it again.

The social media powerhouse recently announced that they have indexed over 2 trillion posts and are taking steps to refine their search capabilities. They even have a new blog, Search FYI dedicated to this topic.

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If you didn’t know, this week is #AWXII (the signature hashtag and abbreviation for The 12th Annual Advertising Week). This annual confab of industry leaders and ad professionals in New York City isn’t as large as the better-known SXSW or CEDIA, but it is a very important -- and often underreported -- conference.

On day one Google decided to open things with a pretty sizeable new product announcement. Safe to say, marketers and businesses were all ears. The search engine behemoth tends to keep announcements like this close to their chest, so when they show their hand it deserves special attention.

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So how goes your blogging adventure? Have you found your voice? We forgot to mention last week, get to the point in your blogging. Your readers probably have a checklist of others things they could be doing with their time and will appreciate your directness. So without further adieu, we continue our journey...

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