Training To Manage Your Website With Confidence

Picture this: our design, development, and marketing teams have all come together to create a beautiful new website for your organization. Now what?

Even though we keep our clients as informed as possible during every step of the web development and design processes, we also understand that taking control over a brand new site can be like stepping into foreign territory—and that’s not how we want you to feel when we pass over the keys to your new digital kingdom.


Take On Your New Site With Confidence

When your website is launched and ready, we can assure you that we won’t just hand over the access credentials and wish you luck. Instead, our development team will give you the full tour of your new website and train your team on how to run it successfully.

We head into each web development project knowing that, when every page is tweaked and edited to meet your expectations (and then some), we’ll host an official baton-passing event: your website training.

You (and whoever else needs the ins-and-outs of your new site) will hop on a meeting with the people that know the site best: it’s developers. They’ll walk you through everything you need to know. You don’t have to be well-versed in “Developer” either: we promise they’ll translate everything into plain English so even the most technologically challenged can get the jist.

With the help of our development team, you’ll learn the basics of managing page content on your new website, changing navigation items, and uploading media. You’ll also get a strong grasp on how user management works and, depending on the type of website, get a walkthrough regarding eCommerce management and/or any custom functionality.

No worries about committing all of that important information to memory either: we’ll also send you off with written documentation and corresponding screenshots for you to reference after the training session.

It’s important to us that you and your team are empowered with the right tools and information to own what’s yours. We’ll make sure you walk out of our training sessions feeling 100% ready.

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