Keeping Competitive In A Pay-to-Play World

Ranking organically can be expensive and time-consuming - and more often than not, it’s both, especially if you're competing against large sites with huge domains (which may already be dominating on product keywords). With a highly targeted AdWords campaign, Altos can rocket your site upward to make the competition start running scared.

Our Process

Altos started back in the early days of PPC, and since then we’ve helped hundreds of clients grow their revenue by creating and managing highly targeted AdWords campaigns. Here’s how we make it happen:

Research and Discovery

We use advanced search tools to complete extensive Keyword Research, which helps us determine exactly how to best focus your PPC campaign. We’ll compare traffic for related search terms and compare them against other sites to find the most effective strategy for you.

Campaign Build-Out

Once we’ve determined your most effective keyword targets, we’ll start arranging them into ad groups to build multiple targeted campaigns. Then we’ll upload the drafted copy and install conversion tracking to measure results, and we’ll adjust your ad’s targeting to specifically reach your ideal audience.

Your Final Go-Ahead

With your final edits to approve language and strategy, we’ll launch your campaign and track it to measure success as time goes by. We’ll always be looking to improve and optimize your ads - and, of course, we’re always here if you need help.

Let's Boost Your Business.

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