Go Ahead, Harness The Power Of Automation

Whether you’re an old-school marketer just getting into modern methods or a fresh entry looking to get up to speed, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about marketing automation - for good reason. By automating those time-consuming tasks, automation helps marketers more efficiently nurture and guide leads to the desired conversion, often with only very little hands-on input. Our time-tested tools and strategies can help you not only identify where marketing automation can make a difference, but also how to get yours up and running smoothly.

Marketing Automation

It’s Not A “Set It And Forget It” Kind of Thing

All too often, we see other marketers make the leap from “automate my marketing efforts” to “let the robots do all the work.” While automation can help minimize time spent on repetitive tasks like sending emails, personalizing copy, or nurturing leads, it’s not an excuse for stepping away completely. Good marketing automation compliments your existing marketing strategy, giving you more free time to dig deep, engage, and keep a close watch without wasting time filling in the finer details.

Emails, Bots, and Social - Oh Yeah

Good marketing automation strategies take a multi-pronged approach to nurturing leads. That means applying cohesive automation strategies across email, social media, on your website, and beyond. Whether it’s sending cart abandonment emails to nearly-lost leads or setting up a chatbot to deliver responses quickly and easily, marketing automation can make you feel like you’ve got an extra set of hands helping behind the keyboard.

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