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Introducing The Altos Social Media Maximizer: for businesses that don’t need to outsource their social media management, but could use a little extra support to get their social presence off the ground.

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To the organizations managing their own social media: we salute you. We know it’s no small task to keep a social presence running while balancing a myriad of other responsibilities.

But what if you invited a couple of experts to join your ranks? Think of what you might accomplish with someone who could not only take a load off of your in-house team, but could also ensure that the time your staff spends on social media truly counts.

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We’ll Join Your Social Media Squad

With the Social Media Maximizer package, our social media strategists will become new members of your in-house team.

Think of us as your personalized social media support. You’ll be in the driver’s seat, but we’ll be riding on the passenger side with industry insights, content feedback, and strategic recommendations to support you on your social media journey.

Social Media Audit (3 hours)

Featuring written recommendations on how to maximize your social media presence (3 hours for up to 3 platforms).

Individualized Social Media Coaching (4 hours)

Our strategists become a resource for you to utilize whenever you need (starting at 4 hours annually).

Unlock Resources To Help Get The Job Done

Earn A Front Row Seat At Our Digital Events

Members will receive exclusive invitations to participate in two of our 90 minute online workshops. Attend to learn more about strategies that get proven results—and become the marketing hero of your company!

Workshop #1: Building Your Audience With Social Media (Date TBD)

Social media content can’t just look good on paper. In practice, it’ll need to accomplish several different tasks—like winning over an engaged audience. During this webinar, our social media strategists will walk through how to build and attract the right audience for your brand, plus how to analyze your social media performance moving forward to keep your follower count trending upward.

Workshop #2: Audience Engagement with Social Media (Date TBD)

Social media success doesn’t all come down to likes and comments, but optimizing your content for engagement can do a lot for your goals. A truly engaged social media audience will get your posts closer to the metrics you really want (like link clicks and conversions!). Let’s review how you can build and organize your content calendar to boost those performance metrics.

Dates & times to be announced—stay tuned!

Meet Our Maximizer Team


Conor Snell

Conor is our content & social media strategist with years of experience helping clients ranging from small, local businesses to international corporations supercharge their social media strategies.


Megan O’Keefe

Megan is our social media specialist who specializes in using her keen eye for upcoming trends & developments in the industry to help clients explore new opportunities to bring in new audiences, and engage existing ones.

Let’s Talk

We know you’ve got this—but we can be there for you when you really need us.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can join our forces to generate a kick-ass strategy to amplify your social media presence.

Become a Member. Starting at $2,500/year

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