July 11, 2014 | Website Design

Altos Launches New Site for NH Association for the Blind

Another week… Another Site Launch! We are excited to share our newest site for The New Hampshire Association for the Blind. This site created some unique challenges for both the design and development teams.

The underlying theme when designing and building this website was accessibility. Making sure the site is accessible to those with partial, or even full vision loss, required careful planning and clear communication with our client.

The standards for websites as it pertains to blindness were created in 2006 and since then technology has drastically changed and the standards have not. Not only did we follow the base standards we heavily researched current best practices for the updated technology.  Every user will have a pleasant experience when visiting the new site.

Some of the features that SightCenter.org includes are the following:

  • Contrast on/off, this allows a user to have a white website with black text or a black website with white text.
  • The website includes a resize button to make the sight larger or smaller.
  • “Skip to Content” and “Skip to Navigation” buttons for visitors using screen readers.
  • Descriptive alt tags on the images for visitors using screen readers.

One of the facets of the site that is not visible to the naked eye, is the hidden content that allows screen readers to interact with the site.  Our developers worked to make sure that those people who are so visually impaired that they use screen readers would have the best experience possible.  Screen readers see this hidden content and provide the user with a full picture of the navitagion and search functionality.  

Web technologies change faster than the standards makers can keep up. Working closely with NHAB to make sure their goals for the site were executed was very important. Those with a visual impairment should have the same access to the web as those without. By staying ahead of the curve and going above and beyond NHAB will have a highly functional site for years to come.

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