November 27, 2012 | Social Media

Facebook Introduces New Features for Businesses

When scrolling through a Facebook news feed, you are often bombarded with friends’ pictures, status updates, recipe links, cute animals, etc. Sure, these posts are entertaining, but from a business standpoint, your company’s posts may often go unnoticed amongst all the clutter. Facebook realized that it needed to be more proactive in helping businesses increase their exposure; therefore, it recently unveiled the new “Pages Feed”.

The new Pages Feed is located on the left-hand side of the news feed, giving users the ability to click on this option to generate a news feed comprised of page content only. This means that whichever company pages a user has liked on Facebook will be displayed on the page feed. Assuming that users look at the Pages Feed to view company updates, they may be in the mindset to make a purchase or explore new happenings within a company. This Pages Feed is very beneficial since viewers would seem to be more apt to visit a company’s website after searching through business related posts.

Additionally, Facebook also launched new promoted posts. The posts on a news feed are constantly changing with new content being uploaded every second. Due to the fact that Facebook never sleeps, many people miss numerous posts throughout the day. Promoted Posts offers companies the opportunity to pay for their post with the intention that more people will see it in their newsfeed. Since a company is paying for its post to appear on news feeds, Facebook will ensure that the post gets more visibility by guaranteeing that the post will be displayed on news feeds regardless of the time it was originally scheduled. Companies can pick a predetermined budget ranging from $5-$500 to expand the reach of their post; depending on the budget, a post can reach anywhere from 350-65,000 people. Businesses will also have the option to promote their posts to either people who already like their page or to both the existing fans and friends of the fans.

What this means for your business:
If you do not have a company profile on Facebook, now is the time to consider getting one. With the redesigned Pages Feed your business can share updates that will automatically be sent to a forum where they are less likely to get lost among other user generated content. Moreover, with the creation of promoted posts, your company can ensure that its posts will show up on users news feeds even if fans were not online at the time of the posting. Since there is an option of promoting posts to both people who like your page and their friends, your company is expanding its fan base and potentially generating more likes. Both new features allow for businesses to gain even more exposure which is crucial within the ever-changing realm of Facebook.

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