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May 20, 2021 | Social Media

Shopping & Monetization on Social Media: How Instagram Plans to Empower Creators

Instagram is cooking up some interesting concoctions behind closed doors—and the app’s leaders recently gave us a sneak peek at the concepts in progress. Here’s what to expect from Instagram in the near future and what it means for brand/creator relationships moving forward.

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April 23, 2021 | Social Media

Here’s What iOS 14 Means For Your Business’s Facebook Ads

It’s not often that Facebook aims a clear shot across the bow at another tech company. When they do, we take notice.

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April 13, 2021 | Social Media

Facebook Analytics is Shutting Down. Here are the Tools You Can Use Instead

Facebook recently announced they’ll be shutting down their much-discussed Facebook Analytics tool as of June 30, 2021. If you’re an agency or a small business—especially if you’ve jumped on the “Facebook for ecommerce” train in recent years—this might sound kinda scary.

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December 08, 2020 | Social Media

Pinterest Advertising Guide: What To Know Before You Launch

So, you’ve decided that paid Pinterest ads are worth the spend for your business—what now?

Well, there are a couple of things you’ll have to consider and prep before your campaign draft transforms into a live Pinterest ad. Here’s our guide for mindfully getting through the pre-campaign launch process (you’ll thank us later!).

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December 01, 2020 | Social Media

Social Media Advertising Guide: Why Paid Pinterest Is Worth The Spend

We’ve discussed before about how Pinterest seems to be in a league of its own as a social media platform. Almost more of a search engine than a platform the likes of Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest has its very own set of rules for reaching an engaged audience, driving impressions, generating link clicks—and enabling businesses to use their advertising budgets effectively.

Let’s talk about the latter. Here’s what makes paid advertising on Pinterest worth the effort, plus tips for bringing your campaigns to life.

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November 17, 2020 | Social Media

A Guide to Brand Safety on Social Media

If you’ve ever had your brand show up next to some less than agreeable contexts, you probably know that sinking, pit-of-your-stomach dread that comes with it.

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November 06, 2020 | Social Media

10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Saturday 2020

This year, maybe more than ever, people are thinking seriously about supporting small businesses. Are you set up to reach those audiences on social media?

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October 01, 2020 | Social Media

10 Need-To-Knows of TikTok: Your Guide To The Social Media Frontrunner

Note: While TikTok is undoubtedly a social media force to be reckoned with, the future of the app in the United States is currently in flux. Click here for the latest news regarding the app’s current availability to American citizens.

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