November 28, 2012 | Email Marketing

Pinterest Launches a New Business Site

PinterestPinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and had proven to be one of the best websites for photo sharing. More than half of the population would describe themselves as visual learners, thus a site that essentially displays only visual content has seen immense success. Users can create numerous boards on Pinterest to categorize their interests, such as fashion, food, or motivational inspiration. Users typically do not always know each other personally, yet they are very likely to follow each other’s boards because of similar interests. With that being said, Pinterest allows for more interactions between users than Facebook or even Twitter. Up until now, Pinterest only offered the option of having an individual account. This meant that companies could have a Pinterest profile; however, it would not look any different from the profiles of the general public. Recently, Pinterest introduced its business site that allows businesses to have their own distinctive presence on the site.

With the new business site, instead of posting as individuals, businesses now have the ability to have a verified business account. Upon verifying your website, the business page will receive a red verification badge confirming that the account has been approved by Pinterest and therefore is more trustworthy. You can easily convert your account which will allow you to then have more insight on future products and services as well as a way to measure audience metrics. The business pages will give companies insight as to which posts received the most traffic and who in your audience is the biggest influencer. Moreover, since Pinterest went ahead and launched business accounts this implies that the site could be having more updates for businesses in the future, such as Buy Now buttons or targeted ads; by having a business profile, your company would be one step ahead if new resources are released.

In addition to generating new business profiles, Pinterest will give company pages the tools they need to generate more business. You now have the ability to have a Pin It button besides images on a company website to pin an image directly to your pin boards. Furthermore, you can add a Follow Button on your website to invite people to follow your Pinterest account from within your website. Lastly, new board widgets on your website will encourage people to follow your Pinterest boards. Besides all of these new features allowing more exposure for your Pinterest profile, the site also has a section for businesses entitled What Works; these pages gives businesses guidance on how to tell their brands’ stories, build a community, send traffic to the site, and analyze your Pinterest presence to help businesses improve. With all this attention focused on business profiles, Pinterest really seems to be standing behind businesses and helping them succeed.

What this means for your business:
In addition to becoming a verified account, your business will be given tools to increase its following on Pinterest. The option to install new pin it buttons and widgets on a company website will help to direct users from the website to the Pinterest profile and vice versa. These new options should ultimately cause user interaction to increase and create more traffic from websites to Pinterest profiles. With helpful insights and success stories to serve as inspiration for businesses that are new to Pinterest, your company can easily transition to a new Pinterest business account.

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