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Serving Up A Tasty Local Brand

Tucker’s is a breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Hooksett, NH. The owners of Tucker’s are industry veterans and knew that genre of restaurant would do well in the location. We worked side by side with the owners of Tucker’s to create a cohesive branding package and an all-new responsive, menu-integrated website, delivered on a tight timeline and proven by months of success.

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Getting The Word Out

From the moment the “Opening Soon” sign went up in the Tucker’s window, neighbors and locals started to get excited. In order to channel that excitement, we utilized social media and email campaigns to drum up excitement, each of which received solid and consistent engagement from a passionate fan base.

  • Deployed active social media presence to catalogue brand growth from one successful location to a growing chain four strong.
  • Utilized “Specials” emails to spread the word of seasonal changes, new dishes, and the “locally-grown” food philosophy.
  • Content focus on local suppliers, team member bios, and customer satisfaction helped position brand as a neighborhood eatery in each new location.
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A Feast For The Eyes

We built the new Tucker’s website to be fully responsive so anyone anywhere can interact with the site. Special consideration was given to making sure the site functioned well at the smaller sizes so that people on the go could easily see what is on Tucker’s menu.

  • Menu integration makes for seamless updates to offerings, even during the busiest season.
  • Online ordering system allows customers to browse menu, compare prices, and order on-the-fly for easy drive-through and on-the-go experiences.
  • Integrated eCommerce store allows for easy gear and branded apparel sales from one simple online interface, including shipping and secure payment.
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tuckers phones
tuckers phones

Putting It All Together

Doing the complete branding kit with one firm allows each piece of the puzzle to fit with the next. Altos took a great idea and created a menu, website, table cards, to-go packaging, signage, website etc. to all have the same cohesive look and feel for one smooth customer experience across all locations.

  • Development of brand style, logos, mascot, and branded apparel creates one seamless look and feel across website and all four locations.
  • Branded “Better Eats” campaign focuses on local producers and wholesome offerings to drive “local eatery” vibe.
  • “Tucker’s Tribe” Loyalty campaign has driven repeat sales and developed regular customer base unique to each location.
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