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The team at Kilpatrick IT Solutions (KIT) are veterans of managed information technology for businesses, having led the NH-based IT industry for over two decades. You wouldn’t know it, however, looking at their former website and brand identity, so they came to us in the hopes of a complete branding and website makeover. We wanted the finished product to embody the personalized, high-quality service the KIT team provides every day—a goal we realized would be best accomplished by a 180 pivot of their current branding and web presence.

Now, their distinct, energetic brand identity sets KIT apart from every other IT shop in their vicinity, strengthened by a website that’s as animated as the revitalized brand (literally). Their new digital homebase boasts responsive design elements and custom animation, characterizing KIT as the adept, supportive tech experts they’ve proven to be after nearly two decades of service.

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Kilpatrick IT Graphic Design
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Kilpatrick IT Website

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