Achieve Next-Level Web Experiences with Custom Web Applications

You’ve got your brand story, your eCommerce flow, and your audience targeting all set for launch—but there’s still one crucial component missing: a digital experience robust enough to handle all of your most important aspirations.

That’s where a custom web app can come in handy, helping to deliver more robust online experiences with the power of well-designed development and integrations.

Your Specific Needs, All Wrapped Into An Intuitive App

Building a responsive, engaging, and optimized website is one thing… but delivering an entirely unique and feature-packed online experience takes extra know-how and an eye for best practices today, and tomorrow.

That’s where a custom web application can make a big impact, especially for brands looking to leverage unique features like voice control, location detection, eCommerce, and more.

See Our Web Apps in Action

  • ClueJay

    Built from the ground up, the ClueJay website features a powerful backend user portal and staff platform designed to seamlessly connect user orders with order fulfillment and sales for seamless delivery from start to finish.

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  • Lendaid

    We built a custom web app for Lendaid to help connect potential home buyers with the right loan officer based on their unique factors, all integrated with analytics for seamless reporting.

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  • Black Ice Pond Hockey

    Few sports move faster than hockey—and few things in hockey move faster than the score, especially with multiple games all happening at once. We built Black Ice a custom score tracker to provide realtime insights for fans at the rink and watching from home.

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