What Goes Into A Great User Experience?

Designing an excellent experience for visitors to your website requires a strategic analysis of what your users are looking for paired with an original, creative, intuitive, and effective website architecture built for the mobile world. Whether you’re looking to create an entirely new online experience or to seal up the gaps in your current site’s funnel, Altos can help. We like to keep your site’s guests delightfully surprised - it’s what makes this business so fun.

Our Process

We start off by doing a little research for what’s best for your site, with a specific focus on mobile-friendly design and navigation. Using industry-leading programs like Hotjar, SEMRush, and Google Analytics, we can see where your customers follow through to sale and where they tend to jump ship. Heat-maps like these form Hotjar help us see exactly where your users are looking, and for how long - helping us fill in gaps in your user experience.

After analyzing needed changes and putting those changes through extensive user testing, we work to integrate those elements to which users respond best into your site - all to make your digital presence easier to navigate and more effective at driving sales.

Our Work

Red Oak Properties

We worked with Red Oak Properties to make mobile navigation for new and existing tenants easier than ever. Apartment searches now produce fewer blank results and offer better search functionality, while basic daily tasks like paying rent or submitting work orders are fast, easy, and quick on a mobile device.

JP Pest Services

We helped JP Pest Services to maximize lead generation by utilizing custom-built forms, optimizing the user experience, and making more relevant info more easily available on their mobile-friendly site.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

We created an all-new, custom website focused on a content-heavy Learning Center but oriented around an existing ECommerce shop, making everything from on-site learning to easy ordering simple, fast, and effective for all users.

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