Navigating Businesses Toward Their New Brand

A brand is many things. It’s a look, an attitude, a tone of voice, a set of goals...which means creating one is as much about thinking creatively as it is about making those hard decisions, all in the hopes of answering the one important question: “What is my brand?”

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With over 15 years of branding experience under our belt, we know that the decisions are what the entire process ultimately comes down to—between this logo and that logo, this font family and that font family. The calls are not always easy to make. But after seeing so many brands come to life, witnessing those decisions that brought them there, we understand our role in this equation: to work closely with our clients to discover their new brand and only supply the best options for them to choose from.

You and your team will be the directors of the branding process: the final decision-makers. But we’ll be the ones working diligently to gather information about your industry, your competitors, and your target audience. Pairing that data with our experiential skills with visual design, color theory, content marketing and more, we’ll use that insight to provide branding elements to aim your business towards a successful launch.

A Foundation For Brand Recognition To Stand On

Creating an identity for your brand is an exciting step to take towards introducing your products or services to the world. After hours spent considering the effects of different color schemes, deciding between one font hierarchy and another, editing and updating logos until they are just right, it’s an incredible feeling to look at all of these details and say: “That’s my brand.”

But there’s one last task to tend to before calling the branding project complete, and that’s ensuring that all of that branding work doesn’t go to waste.

Your brand guidelines are a single source of truth to keep your brand consistently strong. It’s a document for your brand identity to live and breathe by, outlining the intricate details that make your brand unique. It’s what will allow for designers to put a stamp on any future projects that will help you claim it as your own—and guarantee that your audience understands that as well.

After completing a branding project with us, our design team will provide you with a set of guidelines accounting how your brand and associated materials should look & sound. The document will include:

  • Verbal Branding Information
  • Logo Usages
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Imagery Guidelines
  • Brand System Elements
  • Packaging
  • Print Collateral Guidelines

By adhering to these guidelines, anything with your brand name will appear polished, thoughtful, and undeniably yours. The goal is to keep your brand identity moving forward, supported by materials seamlessly connected to your overall brand presence.

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