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A fundamental part of creating something new is understanding the canvas you have to work with. For web developers, one of those canvases (and, arguably, the most important) happens to be small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

In our increasingly mobile online world, optimizing websites for mobile is not just another requirement to check off the tasklist. It’s a crucial portion of creating a new site with its own set of rules, posing to developers the challenge of maintaining consistency across different platforms.

It’s not about favoring one medium over the other, but about providing a pleasant user experience on-site—no matter how visitors choose to access it.

Web Design

Optimizing Your Website For Mobile

When starting a new website, it’s not uncommon to fall into the trap of focusing on one application in particular, especially if you foresee desktop being your primary source of traffic.

It might be attractive to just say “Make the desktop site smaller and be done with it.” But these days, a larger number of website visitors than ever are on mobile, which means that failing to consider mobile sizing will ensure that you’re alienating a segment of your website visitors.

At Altos, our developers take mobile into account from the very beginning, planned in tandem with the desktop site. That saves us the trouble of making unexpected sacrifices further down the road—which can easily happen when the mobile site is developed only after the desktop version is nearly finished.

From the start of the project, we’ll focus our attention on those elements (animation, navigation, pop-ups, forms, etc.) that might look different on mobile, or that might need to be executed another way. That way, we can both be sure the mobile version of your site won’t be a wasted opportunity.

Developing Exclusively Mobile Experiences

Sometimes, offering a full and comprehensive mobile experience for users requires a more dedicated mobile solution.

As part of our efforts to help you accomplish your goals, we’ll help you decide whether an app is the right choice for providing mobile accessibility to your users.

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