Celebrating A Long Time Partner with Shea Concrete Products

Celebrating A Long Time Partner with Shea Concrete Products


It’s rewarding to see a partner reach a milestone of success after seven decades in business.

But it’s another thing entirely to know that you’re a part of what helps drive that progress forward, even all these years later.

That’s a little bit how we felt when we were invited to a recent celebration of Shea Concrete Products, marking their 70th anniversary in business and highlighting their place as the premier precast concrete provider for the area.

While seven decades of success and growth is impressive all on its own, what really struck us was just how much they’ve built in their community—from the jobs they’ve helped create, to the families they’ve welcomed.

Sometimes you think you know everything about a partner... until you get the chance to see for yourself, and the picture becomes a whole lot richer. This trip to Shea Concrete helped us see just how much Shea has grown, and how much we value our chance to be a part of it.

Greg Stratis of Shea Concrete giving a tour

Celebrating 70 Years In Style

Seven decades in business is no easy feat—and definitely one worthy of a celebration.

That’s why Shea Concrete’s 70th Anniversary celebration at their Amesbury, MA headquarters on Nov. 1 was pretty impressive, and why our team members were honored to be invited to take part.

A visit to a precast concrete production facility is pretty fascinating for those of us used to spending the daylight hours in front of a monitor. Decked out in hard hats, we followed Shea President Greg Stratis for a site tour of their massive production space, including a close look at everything from where the precast is mixed, poured, and cured, to the finer details like stair construction and final decoration.

Shea Concrete production facility

All in all, it’s a pretty well-oiled machine Shea has running… and the Amesbury location is just one of their four production facilities across New England.

This site visit was a great opportunity for us to really see just how much Shea has managed to grow in their time as a business, as well as a chance to better connect how our digital marketing efforts have helped Shea to continue to grow sustainable and intelligently to meet their (ever-growing) customer demand.

But beyond just Shea’s growth business-wise, we were also struck by just how much of a role Shea plays in their local community. In Amesbury alone, the company employs dozens of men and women across all aspects of their facility. At the 70th Anniversary celebration, many of those employees also brought their families, children, and industry contacts… making the celebration itself a gathering of the Shea “family” as much as a business occasion.

(Plus, having four pretty amazing food trucks on hand and dishing out eats to the guests didn’t hurt things either.)

Shea is Boldly Stepping Into Modern Content Marketing

While it’s always nice to mark a special occasion with a long-term partner, our work with Shea honestly excites us each and every day.

That’s because even after 70 years of success, Shea is still willing to explore bold new ideas.

Take, for example, their recent success with The Precast Podcast—an audio content offering inherently true to Shea’s brand, and distinct from just about anything else being done in the precast concrete scene today.

Shea Concrete Prescast Podcast logo

“You might wonder, ‘Why does a manufacturer need a digital marketing presence?’ Well, we never wonder with Shea Concrete. Shea has always pushed the envelope in everything they do. We are proud to call ourselves a partner of this incredible company. We look forward to seeing what the next 70 years look like!” - Joe Savitch, Marketing Manager

Offering deep insights into Shea’s history, corporate philosophy, team member profiles, specific product offerings, and more, The Precast Podcast helps Shea stand out from the competition while proving their industry-leading strategies.

We’ve been excited to assist Shea across the production of their podcast, including everything from initial podcast platform planning (i.e., getting things up and running on iTunes, Stitcher, and on the Shea website) through to episode-by-episode editing and uploading.

Combining Shea’s native expertise on precast with ours on digital marketing, we’ve been able to drive serious traffic to The Precast Podcast, and helped Shea cement their place as an industry leader in the process.

Shea Concrete staff in front of office

A Partner With Eyes on Continued Growth

We’ve been working with Shea concrete for years now, and they continue to surprise us with just how much value they offer to their specific market.

From on-site training sessions to industry partnerships, Shea continues to expand the scope of their outreach year after year—and our team at Altos is always eager and excited to assist, guide, and strategize that plan right alongside the Shea team.

We’d like to offer a big “Thanks” to the Shea team for inviting us to attend the 70th Anniversary Celebration. We’re excited to be right there alongside for whatever the future might have in store.