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Sunisa Mathews

Sunisa Mathews

Sunisa’s Story

Sunisa is a part of Altos’ Marketing Services team, serving as a Social Media & Content Specialist. Leveraging a unique background in the sciences and psychology, Sunisa collaborates with all levels of the marketing service chain - from the executive leadership and account managers to the strategists, designers, and developers - to craft effective and compelling content for Altos and its clients. Her broad perspective and eclectic approach to marketing, honed over years in PR, client relations, and communications, give her an uncommon talent for creating and executing powerful content and social media strategies.

Raised in Washington, D.C., Sunisa has an appreciation and passion for exploring diverse cultures and ideas. While she has already traveled to many cool and interesting places across the globe, she’s always looking for her next adventure. On a normal day; however, you’ll probably find Sunisa with her nose in a book or holed away in her craft room where she’ll either be working on her dollhouse miniatures or doing needlepoint*.

*She is not an 80-year old woman.


BA in Psychology, Minor in Business - University of Rochester, 2014


  • Curious of All Things Small, Large, & Yet to Be Defined
  • Eating - Not Exercise
  • Explorer of Worlds - Both Real & Fictional
  • Amatuer Miniaturist
  • Storyteller

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