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Nick Cappello

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Nick’s Story

Nick is a Full-Stack Developer, meaning he leads the team keeping our servers running securely day-to-day. 

As a core member of our development team, Nick is also closely involved with coding custom CMS integrations and configurations for our customers’ unique digital needs. To accomplish this, Nick often works directly with our development and design teams in helping our clients achieve exactly the digital solutions they need.

Nick comes from something of a mixed background—he has worked as a developer for businesses in a variety of industries, most recently a large eCommerce company. Before that, he worked in the finance and medical industry. Nick also likes to practice and stay up to date with bleeding-edge technology updates to help project what the development cycle could look like in a year and beyond.

A true Cape Codder, Nick grew up on the sandy beaches of the Cape, and now he still keeps ocean-adjacent from his home base in Portsmouth, NH. Needless to say, he spends a lot of his free time on the water, fishing and finding awesome swimming or beach spots.


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