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Lois Dolley

Lois at Fenway Park

Lois brings a diverse marketing background to her role as Account Manager for Altos. Her love of marketing started back in the time before social media, when she led a team executing experiential marketing experiences for major brands in New England. From there, her love for marketing grew along with the new platforms that were emerging almost monthly.

Now, in the age of digital marketing, Lois is able to merge her love of technology with her quest for conversions. Driven by a curiosity about what makes people buy, choose, follow, or support a brand, she approaches her clients with a results-driven strategy that incorporates both traditional and digital marketing channels.

Outside the office, Lois can usually be found doing one of a few things; playing baseball, watching baseball, or coaching baseball. Lois is a Board Member, Communications Director and coach at Manchester Cal Ripken. In the off-season, she is an active volunteer at The Majestic Theatre and Trinity High School, both in Manchester. Lois, her husband Kevin, and their three children navigate cyberspace with a bunch of smartphones, tablets, and laptops all scanning for WiFi hotspots in Manchester, NH.


  • Theatre mom
  • Parrothead
  • Cupcake Baker
  • Dirt Dawg
  • Sewing Costumes
  • Wicked big Red Sox fan

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