Diane Patriquin

Diane Patriquin

Diane's Story

They say “good design is as little design as possible.” Golden arches, a dynamic swoosh. Simple, honest, memorable. It’s easier said than done, right? But, for Diane, she can’t imagine a more satisfying pursuit. Delivering “the goods” for the client … genius. Getting paid to do this … well, that’s gravy.

Powered by curiosity, innately social, always creating … Diane has a real knack for crafting brand strategies that fit like a glove. She has nurtured, re-invented and created bold identities and compelling narratives that strike a balance between beauty and utility, style and substance.

Inspiration requires a steady diet of stimulation. Diane likes to charge the batteries with lots of different things. Variety is key ... travel, movies, books, live music, BBC, HGTV, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Monty Python, historical anything, the ocean, dance classes, experimenting in the kitchen, Sudoku, working in the garden, long bicycle rides, throwing some clay, painting, hanging at the lake.


BA in Multi Media - Massachusetts College of Art, 1991


  • Brand Strategy
  • Pinterest-Devotee
  • Short Stories
  • The Perfect Cup of Coffee
  • Best-in-Class Silly Accents
  • Closet Ballroom Dancer
  • Retail Therapist
  • First Mate Aboard The “Compass Rose”
  • Dog Lover
    (Namely, Bushido, Neely + Kobu)

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