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Dale Smith


Dale’s Story

Ask Altos Content Strategist Dale Smith for anything—to whip up a press release, brainstorm product names, populate a website with compelling copy—and he'll deliver. Ask him when he decided to become a writer, however, and he balks.

"I didn't 'decide' to pursue a career as a writer; it was pretty much my only option," he says. "Writing is the only marketable skill I've ever shown any kind of talent for. I was once a world-class Plants vs. Zombies player, too, but that seemed like a dead-end pursuit."

Groan -- with jokes like that, it’s no surprise that Dale is also a proud dad of a daughter whose peculiar middle name also offers a glimpse into his writerly imagination: "Her middle name is Pink, and our last name is Smith, so that makes her a pinksmith. Basically, she's like a blacksmith, but for fairies, princesses, and unicorns and stuff."

Dale's unconventional approach is also evident in the trajectory of his writing career, which has spanned several distinct industries, including marketing gigs in real estate and auto repair, as well as writing and editing roles in publishing and journalism.

It also helped prepare him for the new hybrid office model, which Altos had decided to embrace just before the two crossed paths. Altos CEO Kathy Sevigny says the timing couldn't have been better. "As a boutique agency with global reach, we had arrived at an inflection point," says Kathy. "It was time to evolve our office structure and invest in geographically remote talent.”

As Bedford, New Hampshire-based Altos' first full-time remote employee, Dale offices at his home in Louisville, where he lives with his fairy-spinning daughter and their 2-year-old boxer, Marble.


  • BA, English — University of Cincinnati
  • MFA, Writing – Vermont College of Fine Arts


  • Gadgets, gizmos, and thingamajigs
  • Falling into rabbit holes
  • Metamodernism
  • Dad Vibes
  • Raconteur
  • Fur family patriarch

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