Christina Whitaker

Christina Whitaker

Christina's Story

Christina brings over 25 years of financial experience to the Altos team, having held several positions in finance and in the NH banking industry, both private sector and non-profit. She’s earned a degree in Economics from Framingham State University and since then she’s worked to help organizations tell their stories through the ever-important filter of numbers and hard data. Now, she’s putting those skills to work right here at Altos, helping to monitor, streamline, and improve efficiency on a daily basis.

A Massachusetts native, Christina spent her golden summers of youth right here in NH. When not busy being a (self-described) numbers geek or spreadsheet jockey, she can usually be found taking care of her husband and two teenage children in nearby Merrimack with home cooked meals, dabbling in interior design, or tackling DIY projects - all inspired by Pinterest.


BA in Economics - Framingham State University, 1984


  • Number Cruncher
  • Spreadsheet Warrior
  • Interior Organizer
  • Kitchen Creator
  • Queen of DIY

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