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Cameron Audet

Cameron Audet

Cameron’s Story

Cameron started building websites back in the days of Geocities, frontpage and good ol Winamp. In those days tables and animated gifs ruled the web and using Netscape Navigator made you l33t. His passion music and video games always left something to be created on the world wide web.

Having a huge desire to learn how things work, Cameron got into building computers and became the "go-to guy" in college for computer repair.

After college Cameron took a break from computers to explore passions in music and TV. Cameron toured the country in multiple bands and hosted a national television show called SteezinTV.

Today, Cameron stays busy fueling his passion for code when he’s not busy being a father, husband, homeowner and DIY backyard mechanic.


New England Institute of Art - Associates in TV Broadcasting and Media.
Youtube Masters Cert: It’s not magic, figure it out.


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  • World of Warcraft - Yes I still play
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