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Audrey Li

Audrey’s Story

Audrey’s career as a marketing professional kicked off on the agency side, where she had the opportunity to manage key accounts in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, including a few recognizable names—ever heard of Coca-Cola and Nabisco?

A few years later, she moved client-side, working as an Account Manager at PepsiCo. Most recently, Audrey worked as a Marketing Director for a large optometric group, focusing on developing and executing marketing strategies to grow the business.

Long story short: throughout her career as a marketing professional, Audrey has been lucky enough to see the field from several different perspectives, and each of those perspectives has helped her realize where her passion truly is: in serving clients, delivering innovative solutions, and helping to provide the best experiences possible.

What brought Audrey to Altos is her desire to work with a team focused on providing creative digital marketing solutions. As an Account Director, she serves as a main point of contact for clients on miscellaneous marketing projects, collaborating with the team to develop digital solutions that drive innovation and close the gap between each client and their marketing objectives. She’s excited to help clients by motivating our internal team so that each individuals’ talents shine!

By nature, Audrey is a curious person—driven by a fascination with people, places and food! She loves to try new restaurants and events in her neighborhood (Washington D.C.). She enjoys planning parties and travel adventures (she’s the designated event planner among her family and friends), loves to read fiction and self help books, and is passionate about self development. In fact, she’s a self-proclaimed Peloton junkie—find her at #winthemoment!


  • BA, York University, Toronto, Canada
  • OCAD (Ontario School of Art & Design) Toronto, Canada


  • Peloton junkie
  • Truth Teller
  • Foodie and events specialist
  • Explorer/traveler
  • Designated Hype Girl
  • Nature lover (mountains in particular)

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