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Andrew Stowell

Andrew Stowell

Andrew's Story

Andrew is our Front-End Developer, who's not afraid to occasionally get his hands dirty by going elbow deep in some backend code to create the perfect experience for users. He brings over 4 years of development experience to the team. He preaches the power of flexbox and grid, and loves sharing his passion and knowledge of Drupal with the rest of the development team. Well-versed in countless API integrations, he can make just about any system talk to each other.

When not in front of the warming glow of as many monitors as he can get his hands on, Andrew can usually be found at a concert, biking one of the many rail trails around New England, finding his newest favorite coffee bean, or just hanging out with his one-and-a-half-eared cat, Quentin Tarantino.


BS in Applied Computer Science, Cum Laude - Keene State College, 2013


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