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Bringing a Timeless Architectural Masterpiece To Modern, Mobile Users

For nearly a century, Tribune Tower has stood high in the Chicago skyline—an imposing edifice nearly impossible for visitors to miss. Once the home of the Chicago Tribune, the property has recently been thoroughly redeveloped and renovated to house luxury residences… and it needed a new website to pull in potential residents and stand above the crowd, all while inspiring passions as well as its famed Neo-gothic architecture. That’s where Altos comes in.

Together with the building’s developers and our partner in branding, we crafted an all-new website specifically designed to drive action and match the property’s well-respected gravitas. The result: a sleek, sophisticated, and highly-effective site worthy of Tribune Tower’s deluxe reputation.

Tribune Tower shown on devices

Refining the Brand for A Restored Landmark

Tribune Tower is more than just a building—it’s a true landmark, known around the world for its elegant design and notable history. But with a fresh renovation filling the halls with deluxe, luxury residences, Tribune Tower needed a refreshed brand to better speak to its new role as a prime downtown address for movers and shakers.

Working together with the branding experts at Getty’s Group, we helped define a brand voice and visual style to match this new positioning. Pulling in aspects of Tribune’s historic look & feel and merging this with a new, refreshed voice for the 21st century, we infused the restored property with a brand capable of bringing in a whole new generation.

Tribune Tower collage of branding assets

Building a Website that Shines Above The Fold

With a thorough renovation transforming the interior of Tribune Tower into a luxury residence for those who demand only the finest, we knew that the new Tribune Tower website had to offer the same level of dazzle across each and every page—all while achieving the goal of pushing qualified potential residents to inquire about securing their spot. 

We crafted a site capable of doing just that, combining seamless UX with sophisticated and subtle animations, all anchored around driving users toward submitting a lead. Starting with big and bold imagery, the site guides users down the page and toward key CTAs with gently rising animations. These, combined with custom graphics and an auto-hiding navigation bar, guide users down the page directly toward the most important links… all while leaving plenty of space to explore and absorb the visuals.

Tribune Tower website displayed on phones

An Interactive Map Built For Downtown Exploration

A key part of drawing potential residents to the renovated Tribune Tower—apart from its iconic architecture, storied history, and luxurious spaces—is its prime downtown location, right on Chicago’s ultra-luxe Magnificent Mile. but for those not familiar with the cityscape, getting a sense of location can be difficult without a quality map. So we built just that.

Utilizing an integration with MapBox, our developers and designers were able to insert an interactive downtown map, styled in brand colors and highlighting dozens of the local landmarks, shopping opportunities, restaurants, and points of interest surrounding Tribune Tower. Integrated directly into the new Tribune Tower website, this interactive map lets users center their city explorations without ever losing track of the Tribune Tower—all without ever having to leave the website.

Tribune Tower interactive map

Simplified Lead Gen with WordPress Integration

While drawing attention and standing out above the crowd might be natural for Tribune Tower, gaining qualified leads for potential residents remained a challenge. That’s why our client asked us to simplify the lead generation process to boost the number of residence inquiries right on the website.

Our developers utilized a simple-yet-effective WordPress integration to maximize the power of lead generation directly on the website, with an “Inquiries” form just a click away from any page on the website. Menu dropdowns on the form itself help filter inquiries by the size of their interest, and easy newsletter signup helps channel those leads even further into the funnel after inquiry.

Tribune Tower form data
Tribune Tower architecture

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