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Handcrafted Handiwork Meets Custom eCommerce

There’s something especially commendable about handcrafted products. They tend to mean more to both the producer and the consumer, making for a better overall product. That’s exactly how we feel about websites: they should be handcrafted and cater to both the administrators and users. They should mean more to both parties. The Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company needed to make their fundraising an easier process for both the company and the participants, so we crafted a custom WooCommerce site to do just that.


Robust Behind The Scenes, Simplicity On The Screen

Our goal with Three Rivers was to make it easy for both those setting up fundraising campaigns and those supporting them. The result is a powerful platform that has a mere 7 steps from set-up to completion, optimized to invite action at all levels. The goal: one page, with nearly endless functionality.

  • Users can easily access all of the information they need thanks to easy, streamlined navigation.
  • Landing pages are optimized to incentivize participation.
  • Easy sharing links help spread the word.
Three Rivers Products
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WooCommerce & Wordpress Join Forces

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful campaign, but ultimately the most important way to reach a goal is through simplicity. A new WooCommerce integration into the existing Wordpress site lets Three Rivers save time and effort while growing their business where they formerly struggled to do so.

  • A custom plugin for Wordpress allows Three Rivers to maintain all fundraisers in the Wordpress backend.
  • Now integrated with Woocommerce, it’s easy to find orders for fundraisers and track progress.
Three Rivers backend orders
Three Rivers admin panel
Three Rivers Product

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