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Drawing In Crowds In A Crowded Events Market

Featuring a sleek, new brand identity to match a newly renovated, fully-featured event venue the Event Centers in Nashua, Manchester, and Mount Kisco needed a new, fully-formed digital presence. Working with our longtime partner and Event Center owners Roedel Companies, we were tasked with realizing their vision, and the three consistent-yet-unique sites we created for each accomplish just that.

Event Center Nashua Devices

A Multifaceted Identity; A Versatile Platform

It was critical to the client’s strategy that each section of the site had its own distinct look and feel. Our design team took cues from the branding, incorporating nuanced details into the Wedding, Corporate and Social sections of the site. The result is a product that not only captures the essence of the brand, but that’s underpinned by a powerful CMS.

  • Flexible Drupal platform allows for a consistent visual style across all three sites.
  • Each different page section can be easily adjusted to adjust to the client’s needs.
  • Clean, brand-driven style allows for easy demarcation between each business vertical.
Event Center Nashua Home
The Falls Event Center Home
Mount Kisco Events Home

Give Users What They Need, Only When They Need It

One key area our designers tackled was providing users with separate content experiences in one site. The final product is a versatile site that offers effortless navigation and a refined user experience.

  • Based on inquiry, users are ushered onto distinct pages composed of smaller sections that serve information relevant to each topic.
  • Clear and unobtrusive calls to action help both our client and their customers find the right information.
  • Contact Forms offer clear and easy method for encouraging conversions and determining how users reached conversions based on page content.
Event Center Nashua Gallery

Like Any Great Event, Gotta Get The Word Out

Like any local event venue, the name of the game is reputation and local relationships. Getting guests in the door of three newly-renovated event centers requires a consistent and focused strategy meant to bring in guests and drive references both online and out in the community.

  • Regular email campaign designed to drive rentals for holidays and seasonal events with bonuses and brand-specific rewards.
  • Consistent social media develops voice and local relationships to increase local visibility.
  • Gated content encourages downloads and builds email and contact lists for future outreach campaigns, targeted at the right audiences.
Mount Kisco Events Room

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