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A Global Entity Comes To The U.S.

When you get to know the construction and precast concrete industry like we have, a few names seem to keep popping up again and again - and Simem is a prime example. Known for their support to massive projects worldwide, Italian-based Simem s.P.a. needed a next-generation web presence to bolster their American footprint.

We created a clear, user-friendly, responsive site that utilizes everything from animations to product filtering and form integration, all while supporting the brand through robust marketing efforts to make sure the project hit the ground running. The result: an all-new, brand-focused site that's ideal for keeping leads coming so Simem can keep the concrete flowing.

Simem America Devices

Clean, Clear, Concise

Ask around the industry and you'll quickly learn that Simem's machines - that is, their concrete batching plants, mixers, and other solutions - are something of a hallmark of quality. But what also struck us about their machines was the clean, clear design that really turns an effective tool into something with an unspoken visual appeal.

In crafting the new Simem America website, we wanted the design to follow suit: crisp, clear lines, tasteful use of white space, and a visually-pleasing order that is fully responsive to all device sizes - combining visual guidelines from the global brand with a distinctive North American flair all its own.

Simem America Graphic

Animations that are Simem Smooth

The Simem America team prides itself on service, and on making sure all elements of a project fall neatly into place. We chose to riff on that concept through subtly-integrated animations designed to delight the user, offering color changes on mouse rollover and fade-in content blocks as you scroll down the page.

Building On An Already Solid Reputation

In a crowded industry like construction and precast, high-quality work is key to standing out - but bringing in new leads is still a hands-on process. That's why we partnered with Simem American to provide a full-court marketing effort before, during, and after launch, including social media support for the Simem American brand, content creation for industry publications, and digital advertizing to get the brand out in front of those users most likely to get in touch.

Simem America Editorial

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