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Building a Digital Home for the Region’s Leading Precast Concrete Provider

Whether it’s holding back the force of the Atlantic Ocean or keeping Tom Terrific nice and warm at Gillette, precast concrete has long held a spot as one of the most revolutionary building media around today - and for nearly 70 years, Shea Concrete Products has been leading the industry throughout New England. Always with an eye on the next generation, Shea tapped Altos to boost their digital presence, and the results have helped Shea build an online foundation as strong and reliable as the on the back of their trucks.

Shea Concrete Responsive Devices

A Site Made For Easy Navigation

Precasters are hard workers, often taking on larger-than-life jobs that require the utmost of attention. That’s why Shea knew they needed to craft a site that could both offer a wealth of information and be as simple to navigate as possible.

  • With a focus on user experience and ease of navigation, we crafted a site that puts those most important resources, information, and products no more than a few clicks away.
  • Took time to identify those highest-performing pages and placed them front and center for all users, making sure those high-value pages are available no matter where the user might be digging around.
Shea Concrete UX Menu
Shea Concrete Engineer Drawings

Putting the Portfolio Front and Center

The Shea website is more than just an information resource - it’s also a storefront, with a built-out product listing designed to make finding that right precast product as easy as possible for all users.

  • Filled with images, important PDFs, tech specs, and blueprints, the Shea product catalog allows for simple navigation by product type and information needed.
  • Simpler than ever for everyone from professionals to residential customers to browse, select, and reference the concrete product they’re looking for.
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Shea Concrete Product Page

Laying the Foundation with Digital Strategy

In all the years we’ve been partners, we’ve come to learn that Shea has a lot to offer - from high-quality precast concrete products to a wealth of insights into the culture, process, and long-term direction of the company itself. That’s why we’ve crafted a strategic digital marketing plan to make sure all of that great content is making it to the audiences most likely to respond, click, and get in touch.

  • Combined an integrated strategy of multi-channel social media marketing, press release distribution, on-site content improvements, PPC and search advertising.
  • Helped bring Shea to the forefront online, helping their digital presence match the gravitas they bring to the business on a day-to-day basis.
Shea Concrete Tablet Screens
precast podcast

Pioneering the Airwaves with “The Precast Podcast”

Shea has never been afraid to lead the pack when it comes to embracing the future, and with an eye (or, rather ear) on the future they decided to boldly go where few in the precast industry have gone before: podcasting.

  • Worked out a plan to charge into podcasting with a strategy built around consistent messaging and multi-channel distribution.
  • Broke down decades of experience into serialized format, and we helped along each step of the production to make sure everything came out studio-quality.
  • Crafted a launch strategy around the release of the first episodes to reach industry movers and shakers through social media, on-site content, press releases, and more.
  • Listed on all major podcast channels, as well as Spotify and iTunes, with the option to download each episode directly from the Shea website.
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