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Driving A Team’s Mission, From Groundbreaking to Opening Day & Beyond

The process of renovating, opening, and operating a successful hospitality establishment takes dedication, experience, and knowledge - all three of which are proven time and time again by NH-based Roedel Companies. After several years of successful partnerships across their portfolio of properties, Roedel Companies partnered with Altos to craft a company website that would set a standard for the industry to look to. We worked together to do just that, and paired an impressive new site with robust marketing efforts to boost visibility across their business goals.

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A New Site Fit For A Growing, Modern Team

For a family-owned, locally-based hospitality company like Roedel Companies, reputation means a lot - and the company website should reflect all the professionalism and experience Roedel brings to each and every project.

  • Utilized an improved navigation structure, engaging page layout, and brand-oriented visuals
  • Page layout designed to invite exploration and CTAs placed to encourage contact on each and every page
  • Company business verticals organized to increase search visibility and guide user action across site
  • Collaborated to update and organize copy to better match with company goals and brand voice
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Highlighting the Best Of Past and Future Work

Keeping current and potential business partners engaged and wanting to know more about Roedel Companies requires visibility across those platforms where hospitality professionals can be found. By leveraging different social media channels to reach unique audiences, we continue to bring in leads and promote Roedel Companies’ business to those most likely to connect.

  • Utilize Facebook and LinkedIn organic and paid strategies to drive lead generation and aid with search visibility
  • Build out platform-specific audiences and goals to engage visitors and increase site traffic among potential leads
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Keeping Audiences Engaged Through Email

We’ve long been proponents of the power of quality email marketing, and Roedel Companies has readily come to agree. That’s why we’ve long utilized email marketing to promote a variety of offerings and appearances of Roedel’s executives to drive person-to-person engagement and increase traffic to the new site.

  • Regular email marketing drives connections for upcoming event appearances, business initiatives, and upcoming project openings
  • Regular analysis and email testing to identify successes and failures and drive open rates and engagement with each email campaign
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