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Growing Strong, All Year Long

A healthy web presence and a healthy plant really aren’t all that different: both require regular upkeep to not only withstand a drought, but grow big and strong. For Rimol Greenhouse Systems, building up their digital fingerprint meant bolstering sales not just in the busy season, but year-round. Add a content strategy designed to connect growers and and experts and you’ve got one resource users come back to long after their greenhouse is up and full of life.

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Built for Green Thumbs

We crafted a user-friendly website that meets Rimol’s community of customers on their terms: mobile first, easy to use, and with plenty of helpful advice and content throughout. An easy, responsive layout mean growers can shop on their time, wherever and however is easiest for them.

  • An automatic quote calculator, factors in everything from shipping to tax-exempt status in one simple storefront.
  • Optimized, multi-step forms make choosing the right greenhouse, parts, and accessories easy.
  • An improved digital dashboard (the Learning Center) lets users dig in to high-value content and how-tos, with robust linking and CTAs driving increased store visits.
  • Wistia integration to highlight video content, with instructionals on everything from construction to growing techniques drawing thousands of views.
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Growing Guide

If your daily concerns cover pulling weeds and watering, you’ve probably turned to the internet for tips on how to improve your workflow. By making the Rimol site a grower’s go-to source for greenhouse research, we can draw in interested leads without sounding too “sales-y.”

  • Monthly blog posts and a robust campaign of on-site content brings expert knowledge and community outreach into one comprehensive resource for customers.
  • Targeted emails to thousands of readers directs new and existing customers to updates, events, and offers that contacts just can’t help but click.
  • A well-targeted PPC campaign matched to a coordinated content strategy, leveraging a low cost-per-click with Rimol’s high rate of return to generate significant growth for a new, redesigned site.
  • Major growth on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn through paid and organic campaigns that have driven increased engagement, boosted visibility, and driven conversions while building trust.
  • A coordinated grouping of targeted print ads each targeted a specific vertical within Rimol’s customer base and drove to dedicated, link-focused landing pages.
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Shop Till You Crop

Acting as an industry thought leader may be among Rimol’s most time-honored specialties, but at the end of the day the Rimol site needs to excel in one major area: helping customers and shoppes find the equipment and tools they need to succeed. That’s why we integrated Rimol’s existing storefront into their next-gen website to make finding, filtering, and selecting the right high tunnel or greenhouse not just easy, but measurable and able to improve as well.

  • Dedicated landing pages helped us track visitors from the print ads, merging online and offline conversions in one seamless campaign.
  • We integrated with Rimol’s existing web store to better connect users with their desired products, faster.
  • Built out advanced filtering to give more accurate pricing and quotes to match user’s unique needs and allow for easier price exploration.
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