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Clarity Where It Matters Most

Navigating healthcare is already an inherently complex undertaking - but navigating the financial side of healthcare? Seemingly impossible. Luckily, Patient Matters has made it their mission to simplify the patient experience and reduce the stress on both sides of the check-in counter. With a goal set to transform the patient financial experience, this software company approached us to create a new brand identity system that serves to validate this pursuit and establish trust with their user base.

Patient Matters Devices

Designing A Connection

Our brand ideation process was driven by the unique juxtaposition of two particular brand attributes: high tech and high-touch. Compassion and technology don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand... (We’ve all yelled “representative!” at automated recordings). Patient Matters, however, is on a mission to prove otherwise. The new brand identity had to be approachable, relevant, and - above all else - it had to instill a sense of connection.

  • Introduced a versatile new “plus” mark; improved patient communications with a subtle nod to a classic healthcare emblem
  • Created a unique wordmark that illustrates the brand’s connection to its users
Patient Matters Logo
Patient Matters Brochure

Clinical Color Theory

The colors you carry can speak volumes about your brand. The Patient Matters bold and bright color palette portrays optimism and reflects a positive future for the organization: the cool, vibrant green is universally associated with the healthcare industry and is reminiscent of the color of hospital scrubs, and pairs beautifully with a bright, deep blue that communicates confidence and expertise.

Patient Matters Collateral

An Informing & Inspiring Digital Presence

The brand’s new positive reinforcement carries well throughout all print and digital applications. Information on the new website is clear, concise, and easily digestible - a digital content triad that is a necessity for establishing trust and comfort. Sticky yet subtle calls-to-action offer the right lead-generation opportunities without taking away from the cleanliness of the site’s design. Most importantly, the Patient Matters website places compassion at the forefront of a healthier patient interaction with high tech.

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