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Industry-Leading Economic Forecasting, Available At Your Fingertips

When it comes to providing expert-level economic forecasting to help investors make the best possible choices for their portfolio, few tools can match those provided by ITR. We should know—we’ve worked together before, and our team at Altos has seen first hand just how powerful their forecasting tools are.

That’s why, when the ITR team tagged us to pull all of that amazing forecasting technology into one easy-to-use app, we knew the end result could be something really special. Turns out, we were right: the all-new ITR App is a powerful tool with complex integrations that make it easy to see where the economy is headed, no matter where you’re located. All that intelligent analysis, now in the palm of your hand.

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Making it Easy To Reach Event Attendees, Right On Their Smartphone

With customers and subscribers touching so many different aspects of the economy, ITR serves as a crucial reference tool and trusted advisor for a wide array of professionals. That makes presentations, conferences, and information sharing an integral part of their offering—and the ITR App is designed to support that.

Using integrated geofencing technology to intelligently locate users when they’re present at conferences, combined with engaging features like in-app polling and greater detail delivery for guests at in-person or virtual keynotes, the ITR app allows for seamless connection with guests during ITR’s most important events.

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Delivering Quality Insights to Mobile, Even Offline

Fully integrated with ITR’s suite of economic analysis tools—including easy access to ITR Economics’ Trends Report™ and Insider™ subscriptions, as well as ITR-driven webinars—the ITR app gives users quick and easy access to exactly the tools they’re looking for. This includes instant push notifications for important alerts and deliveries, and an easy-to-use offline mode for simple review of analysis and webinars, even when you’re offline or 30,000 feet up in the air.

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Easy-To-Use on Any Device Through Intelligent Account Sync

A crucial feature of any mobile app, in our book, is the ability to swap seamlessly between the standard desktop experience and the app itself. For the ITR app, that means utilizing ITR’s powerful API and data integrations to make switching from desktop to mobile app simple and easy for any device user. That meant integrating intelligent account sync to deliver quick and easy access to each user’s unique subscriptions and data, regardless of where they’re signing in from.

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