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Putting Technical Expertise To The Test To Help Boost Fundraising Efforts

For over a century, the New Hampshire Humane Society has worked tirelessly to find permanent homes for animals throughout the Granite State. While the mission may remain unchanged, the manner in which people search for and adopt animals - and the way in which they show and offer their support - have. NH Humane needed a digital presence that not only spoke to their dedication to placing needy animals in the homes of loving owners, but also streamlined the donation process for a new generation of potential supporters who seek access to everything via mobile devices.

NH Humane Devices

Streamlined Mobile Menu Navigation

Mobile navigation now dominates the web traffic landscape, and designing sites with mobile use as the first consideration has become the norm. That makes mobile menu design one of the most important aspects of a web build. Users want to find things faster on a mobile device, which means navigating the menu has to be a seamless and transparent process. By streamlining the accessibility of NH Humane’s navigation with a simple mobile drop-down menu, we helped expedite the process of donating as well as finding and adopting new pets.

NH Humane Mobile Navigation

Making It Easier Than Ever To Donate

In designing the website visitor’s User Experience, we placed a clear, brightly-colored, inviting “Donate” button exactly where users are most likely to see it and take action. Pinned to the top right corner on desktop and nested directly above the navigation menu on mobile, this clear CTA offers users an easy and immediately apparent incentive to click and donate from the moment they hit the page. We also crafted a centralized “Donate” landing page clearly listing each of these options, with visual, clickable links leading to unique landing pages for each donation method. This draws potential donors closer to the method of support that best suits them.

NH Humane Donation Process

Consistent Cohesion Between Physical & Digital Outreach

Our team has taken efforts to ensure consistency across all of NH Humane Society’s outreach materials for all digital and physical outreach efforts. From ensuring consistent logo design across all third-party donation websites to designing printed information sheets and mailers to match the website’s branding, we’ve provided a consistent look for NHHS on a recurring basis. And because all printed materials are delivered as editable PDF files, NHHS can simply update and re-use the same material templates from year to year.

NH Humane Collateral

Simplified Back-End Editing

NH Humane site required a way for staff members to quickly and easily update the site’s content to reflect the revolving door of pet adoption and the changing nature of the nonprofit’s needs. Through the integration of Drupal CMS, our developers were able to tailor the back-end of the site to accommodate the needs of the NH Humane staff.

Staff members can see the changes they’re making prior to publishing forward to the site, eliminating the guessing game associated with making backend changes for those not versed in code. With Drupal, we’ve streamlined the entire process, among many other optimizations.

NH Humane CMS
NH Humane Editorial

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