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A Modern Face on A Local Comfort-Food Classic

Known for offering both some of the cheesiest Mac and Cheese around and a growing opportunity for potential franchisees looking to get in on a favored local chain, Mr. Mac’s needed an updated web presence to reach two unique target audiences more efficiently. We built out a pair of next-gen websites to do just that, and bolstered the effort with a robust marketing strategy to keep everything Mr. Mac’s offers front-and-center.

Mr. Mac's Devices

Serving Up The Right Info To The Right Audiences

After our initial discovery meeting with the Mr. Mac’s team, it became apparent that they had two goals in mind for the brand in the years ahead: to get more delicious Mac in front of more customers, and to get the brand in front of more interested potential franchisees.

  • Gave each goal its own unique place online: a website, social media, and marketing campaign for customers, and a website, social media, and marketing campaign for franchising.
  • Offered strategy and direction to expanding and tightening brand voice, direction, and styles for each business vertical
  • Developed brand style and guidelines for both marketing and franchising campaigns across the web, print, and marketing efforts
Mr. Mac's Ordering

Finding Those Interested Inboxes

Mr. Mac’s had already cultivated a fanbase several thousand strong by the time they partnered with us, and their customer newsletter email game was already strongly in play. We offered some strategic guidance on how to best leverage email to keep fans engaged and coming through the door.

  • Reformatted “Specials” emails to updated style and voice for new Monthly Specials format
  • Implemented monthly newsletter emails (apart from Monthly Specials) to keep fans engaged and informed about deals/events/upcoming offerings
  • Expanded goals for email campaigns to drive site/social media traffic and boost open rates
Mr. Mac's Email Marketing

A Website For Every Visitor

In expanding Mr. Mac’s digital presence to both potential customers and potential business partners, we knew we’d need to update each of Mr. Mac’s two websites to help each accomplish a unique goal, all while staying true to the brand voice & style.

  • Updated two unique sites for each market opportunity, with features like menu integration and community information on the marketing site, and financial and business information on the Franchise site
  • Tightened navigation to drive to unique site goals: online ordering and brand engagement on the marketing site, and contact forms on the franchise site
  • Integrated Unbounce landing pages for specific engagement drives through Franchise site to tie in with print mailer campaign
Mr. Mac's Franchising

The Snack You Want To Announce From The Rooftops

It would be an understatement to say that Mr. Mac’s has a passionate fanbase - just one look on social media will show that those who love the brand aren’t afraid to show it. We’ve taken the reins on social media posting and strategy to make sure all the best of what Mr. Mac’s has to offer - and all that those passionate fans have to share - is kept right in the forefront.

  • Continuing strategy and posting engagement with all of Mr. Mac’s social - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn - for both the Marketing and Franchising sides
  • In-depth audience assessment to ensure organic and paid social are reaching the right fans in the right places
  • Integration of design and brand voice with across all social, email, and inbound marketing efforts
Mr. Mac's Lobstah Mac
Mr. Mac's Instagram

Creative Digital Marketing Efforts In The Physical World

We love breaking down the walls between physical and digital advertising. That’s why, when we noticed Mr. Mac’s had a billboard spot on one of the Seacoast’s busiest roads, we recognized they had no way of tracking how effective it was. We changed things up, and - of course - we tied it all back to a fun digital experience.

  • Offered strategic guidance on how to best leverage existing physical advertising space
  • Creatively re-designed billboard advertisement utilizing brand style to drive microsite traffic
  • Crafted unique microsite (lobstahmac.com) digital experience to engage users, collect trackable data resulting from campaign, and promote popular seasonal product
Mr. Mac's Billboard
Mr. Mac's Landing Page

Presentation Is Everything

The final ingredient in making this project was the art direction we provided for a series of photoshoots. Working closely alongside the photographer, our creative team made sure to capture all of the gooey, savory deliciousness of the macaroni staples and the fresh preparation of all of their expanded salad lineup. From delivery to in-house dining, we helped put the entire Mr. Mac’s experience in front of their digital audience.

Mr. Mac's Photoshoot

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