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Getting Home Buyers Started On The Right Path, First

Traditionally, those looking to buy a home connect with a real estate agent long before they ever work on getting a loan. LENDAID decided to flip the script, instead connecting prospective home buyers with loan officers to start the journey - that way, they’d know how much they can spend before they go to spend it. LENDAID tapped Altos to make the site flow smoothly, and to make sure everything’s on the right track down the road.

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Built To Make Navigation As Easy As Can Be

Guiding users to the perfect loan officer starts, quite literally, with a homepage. From there, users need to be able to swiftly navigate, make their choices, fill out forms, and get connected with the right loan officer to start the homebuying process. We tightened the user experience and created smooth user flows to drive visitors to convertors.

  • Extensive Conversion Optimization to drive users to the right Call-To-Action.
  • Smooth-flowing scroll and and easy-to-use forms for simple user data input.
  • Integration with Loan Officer profiles automatically draws in best match with user.
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Watching The Wheels Turn All The Way Down The Road

Getting a website off the ground and flying is only part one of the process; part two is watching how things progress and making slight adjustments to keep everything on the right path. By integrating LENDAID with Google analytics, tracking tools, and measurement, we can continue to provide top-notch direction for whatever the users of today - and tomorrow - may need.

  • Integration with Google Analytics and tracking tools to measure and improve performance.
  • Regular progress reporting lets client know exactly how the site is doing.
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